Winter is one of our favourite seasons – in the top four at least. But with all the cold weather jackets, sweaters, and outdoor equipment, you might be running out of space at home. The warmer months can also call for creative solutions for storage especially if you have any seasonal gear like bikes, kayaks, and gardening equipment that won’t likely be used.

Once the weather starts to change, it’s time to put that bulky gear away until next year. If you’re short on space that can be easier said than done and a recent survey found that 10.6% of US households currently rent a self-storage facility to avoid this whole dilemma. Find out the top storage solutions to consider to help cut down on the clutter and to keep your out of season items in good condition until they’re needed again.

Finding Space At Home

If you do have some space at home, whether in a garage, attic or basement, you’ll still need to make a dedicated storage space to put your out of season items. Some options to consider include an infrequently used wardrobe, under the bed, or a makeshift cupboard. Anywhere that’s both out-of-sight and secure can be considered accessible storage solutions for home that shouldn’t cost you too much.

Instead of reaching for those cardboard boxes you’ve been using for years, consider the much more modern solution of plastic storage containers. Cardboard boxes can be hard to move around and will eventually fall apart. They’re also at risk of being invaded by any pests that want a peek into your off-season gear.

Invest In A Self-storage Unit

If there’s no space at home or you simply prefer to have your personal space free of clutter, a self-storage unit like could be the ticket. You can usually find facilities located close to home for easy access with optimum security to make sure your precious gear is safe.

Self-storage facilities usually offer a variety of units sizes for rent. You can find something small to just fit a few boxes or something larger to store your boat for the winter.

If you want no-fuss easy storage solutions, then you can also consider full-service storage. This is a valet-style service where a storage company comes to you, picks up your belongings, and will deliver and store them for you.

Small Space Storage Solutions

No matter where you decide to store your seasonal gear, you’ll want to make sure everything makes it to next year. Here are some tips to help when getting your items ready for storage.

  • Organise and clean clothing before storing
  • Pretreat for moths
  • Loosley store items in containers so air can circulate
  • Clearly label items for easy retrieval
  • Use empty and unused suitcases for extra space
  • Store leather separately

Learn More About Storage Solutions

Now that you’ve got some good ideas to get you started, it’s time to put some of these easy storage solutions to practice. You can learn more about the storage solutions available by heading to our Lifestyle section.

By Manali