Did you know that the average American generates five pounds of solid waste every single day? That’s a lot of garbage leaving your home. But where does it go?

The waste management industry in the US is massive. And it’s one of the most efficient in the world. But it’s also a big problem.

There are different types of waste disposal methods in the US, though Americans are only familiar with two; trash and recycling.

Wondering if there is any other waste disposal method available? Want to know how to become a smart homeowner that generates less refuse and less of a burden on the environment?

Keep reading below to learn all about residential waste now.

Solid Waste to the Landfill

The worst way to dispose of waste is to send it to a landfill. However, this is the most common waste management system in the world, especially in the US.

In general, any solid waste that isn’t recycled, reused, or composted ends up in landfills. Garbage trucks dump their loads into the landfill after each route.

Heavy machinery packs the waste down as much as possible. Over time, the hole becomes a large mound.

With each layer of trash added to the landfill and compacted to save space, a layer of dirt is applied over top. This helps to limit odors spreading to the surrounding communities.

Once a landfill reaches a certain height, they cap it and no longer use it for dumping. They lay a layer of plastic over the top, covering the entire landfill.

Then they add a few feet of soil on top, creating a large “dirt” hill. Vegetation is then planted on top to make it less of an eyesore, though it will always look a bit unnatural.

Looking to make your refuse pickup more efficient? Working with a smart waste solutions company is a great option. Those looking to become the best waste management company are using technology in trash bins to create a more effective pickup schedule.


A much better approach to waste management is recycling. But recycling takes effort from residents and businesses, many of whom are still too lazy to recycle.

Paper products, cardboard, metal, glass, and many plastics can be recycled. In many areas, you can place all of this into the same curbside recycling bin, making it easier for residents.

Recycling facilities then sort out the contents of the bins so that each type of material can be recycled properly.

Keeping metal and plastic out of landfills and away from the environment is key to reducing pollution. This is especially true for electronics, which contain many harmful substances like mercury.

You can’t place electronics into a recycling bin. But many local recycling facilities allow for free electronics drop-offs, from cell phones to televisions, and everything in between.

Alternative Types of Waste Disposal

Many property owners prioritize composting. This is the best way to dispose of organic waste like food scraps. You can use it to create garden soil.

Also, some property owners will use the incineration method. Essentially burning waste. Many countries around the world, without space for landfills, use this method on a large scale.

Looking for Waste Management Solutions

Waste management is a complex subject. There is no perfect approach, and there are many different types of waste disposal methods.

Those who dedicate their expertise to making waste management more efficient and more environmentally friendly, while at the same time making it scaleable, will serve a grand purpose on this earth.

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By Manali