In India, almost 6 out of 10 people are diabetic. The condition is even found in young people and children also. South Asian people have a higher fat to muscle ratio, and this is why insulin remains in the body for a longer time. When we start consuming Western diets, and mostly fast food, the sugar, as well as fat consumption, grows higher. And as the body fails to properly clear the amount of glucose, the metabolic load and the resistance of insulin increase, and we slowly start developing diabetes.

Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you will be prescribed medicines by your doctor. However, if you only depend on the medicine and think this will help you to regulate the insulin level in your body, you are mistaken. This is one condition that cannot be regulated if you stay away from physical exercise.  One of the best exercises that you can do every day is walking. Let us discuss the importance of morning walk for diabetes patients.

As you indulge in physical exercise, your body will use glucose to support you to achieve the task. When you consume some food, the blood sugar level spikes and settles down after some time, as the body digests the food and the nutrients are distributed. This is why we mostly hear from health practitioners and dieticians that we should go for walk after 30 minutes of eating food.

Apart from this, several other factors need some attention. There are some hours of the days when the human body releases glucose so the body prepares for all the tasks for the next day. The prime hours are between 3 am and 8 am. This is why it is recommended that diabetic patients must go for a morning walk to keep their blood sugar levels in check. Also, whether you have a low sugar level or high sugar level, in any of the cases exercises are not recommended. This is why a morning walk can be a very good idea to maintain the blood sugar level in the body.

When someone has Type 2 diabetes, the individual is insulin resistant. During the early mornings, the body releases hormones that help in reducing the intolerance towards insulin that is produced by cells in the body. As a matter of fact, no matter what type of diabetes you have been diagnosed with, a morning walk is going to help you.

Apart from a morning walk, a balanced diet, and regular consumption of medication as directed by the doctor, diabetic patients also should consider buying a health insurance policy. People, who have diabetes, often need to visit their doctors. Each consultation cost them an amount. And since it is often, some people may find it a little difficult to afford. This is where a health insurance policy comes to their help. You can find several health insurance policies in the market that offer coverage for consultation with doctors to diabetic patients. Also, some of the health insurance plans provide coverage to the pharmacy expenses to those patients.

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By Manali