Are you a seasoned shooter or looking to follow in the footsteps of famous friends of the firearm industry like Vinnie Jones and Guy Ritchie? Either way, one of the most overlooked aspects of shooting is exactly what should go into your shooting range bag.

Before you head down to the range with your brand new firearm let’s take a look at the essential items you should have packed.

Medical Kit

Being prepared for the worst has its merits. While you might be the most cautious person in the universe, that doesn’t mean everyone around you is the same. 

Having a medical kit with you while you’re on the range is a must. Make sure your medical kit has everything you need to deal with a gunshot wound until the paramedics arrive should the worse occur. Remember, shooting safety is paramount.

Ear Defenders

Most firearm industry professionals will argue that ear defenders are the most important thing to have on the range after your gun. They could be as important as it is to get a gun license! You only get one pair of eardrums and even if you’re shooting outside gunfire can cause permanent hearing damage.

If you use electric ear defenders with noise-canceling don’t forget to bring extra batteries just in case.  

Eye Defenders

It doesn’t even take a serious eye injury to ruin your day at the range. Even a small bit of debris can put an end to your shooting. Ballistic-rated glasses or goggles are a must to keep your eyes safe during shooting.

Spare Magazines and Ammo

It should go without saying, but make sure you have enough ammo for your shooting trip. If you have to go to the counter to buy ammo halfway through your time shooting, then that’s less time firing your weapon.

Make sure you have plenty of ammo and all the calibers you’re planning on shooting with. It’s also worth carrying spare magazines so you don’t have to reload them every time.  


A flashlight is a must-have for two reasons. Firstly, it is essential if you need to clean your gun while you’re on the range. Secondly, most ranges are poorly lit and it can save you a lot of time if you have to look for something you’ve dropped. 

Staple Gun

A staple gun is essential for mounting targets. Nothing makes quicker work than getting your targets up as a staple gun and time on the range is valuable time. The one time you leave it behind will inevitably be the last! 


A multi-tool is the most convenient way to make sure you’re prepared for any on-the-spot repairs or adjustments. It’s the next best thing to a small tool bag with everything you might need. Having the right tools means you won’t need to leave the range. 

Load Up Your Shooting Range Bag

This list of essentials to pack into your shooting range bag will guarantee that your time on the range goes smoothly. You must stay safe and have everything you need to deal with any unforeseen events. Less time dealing with things you’ve forgotten means more time shooting.

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By Manali