Traveling is an amazing way to spend time with the person you love. It can bring you together in a way you never expected. Follow this guide for 10 incredible destinations to fill your year with adventures.   


Skiing in the snow-covered mountains of Banff is the perfect way to kick of your year of travel. You can spend your days on the slopes and the nights cuddled up in front of a fire. If you need a break from the slopes, book yourself a romantic couple’s package at a local spa for a day of pampering and romance.   

The Whitsunday Islands 

The Whitsundays Islands is a group of 74 tropical islands located off the coast of Australia. When you sail the Whitsundays on a private yacht there are plenty of adventures to be had. This romantic cruise can take you to private beaches and swimming spots to watch the sunset and have an intimate picnic or dinner. As you spend your days exploring the islands from the comfort of your luxury yacht, you and your partner can enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime experience together.


As the weather warms, Kyoto starts to come alive with color as the annual cherry blossom festivals begin. Throughout the city, the parks and palaces offer a variety of beautiful spots to relax as you enjoy a traditional hanami. Start your day with a blanket, some delicious food and a bottle of sake for a romantic day beneath the pink blossoms.   


The Malaysian coastline does not get enough love. This country is full of breathtaking beaches, including Langkawi. Home to pristine coastlines and luxurious resorts, this destination is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. Picture you and your partner lying on white-sand beaches with fresh fruit cocktails under the sun. Don’t forget to take advantage of a massage on the beach while there. 

Greek Islands 

Full of ancient ruins, breathtaking scenery and so much more, Greece is an amazing travel opportunity for couples. If you are looking to take your partner on an unforgettable vacation, start looking at the best Greek islands for couples. Your days will be filled with romance and history as you explore this incredible nation. 


As K-Pop has grown in popularity worldwide, Korea is in the spotlight. While music has made it popular, Seoul offers you the chance for a perfect romantic escape. Once you arrive in Seoul, you can spend your days enjoying shopping in traditional markets and touring historic palaces in the capital. Before you leave, stop at Namsan Tower to hang your love lock.   


As the weather starts to cool, New England is painted with the vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow of fall foliage. Book yourself a romantic bed and breakfast for a weekend of pampering and luxury. Be sure to plan for a few outdoor activities to see some of the best fall views in the world. This vacation is one you’ll want to repeat again and again. 


Australia is home to incredible wildlife, breathtaking views and rich culture. If you want a great fall vacation, make your way to Sydney for a romantic getaway on the Australian coast. Your incredible vacation will bring you both closer together. Whether you are exploring the Opera House or cruising the harbor, you and your partner can spend your time falling in love again. 


The island of Madagascar may not be on your list for romantic escapes, but it should be. Madagascar is home to pristine beaches, beautiful cities and amazing dining options. If you want a romantic getaway, look no further than Madagascar. You and your partner will enjoy  romantic adventures in the sea and onshore. You’ll find love here in Madagascar. 

European Christmas Markets 

As the weather cools down, the holiday season begins across Europe. Traditional Christmas markets spring to life, offering tasty treats and warm drinks to get you in the spirit. Whether you want to explore the romantic streets of Paris or Prague or venture off to a new spot, such as Budapest. These beautiful markets are the perfect end to your romantic year of travel.  

Now, get out and explore with your love. Happy travels!

By Manali