Did you know that there are more than 270 million smartphone users in the United States of America? Temporary phone numbers are something that is gaining more traction in modern society because they’re much more convenient than buying an additional phone and paying for a second phone line. It is much better than owning a burner phone.

There are many people that reap the benefits of having a disposable phone number that they can use. You might be wondering “who needs a disposable phone number”, but there are tons of people that can benefit from the privacy and safety that these phone numbers provide.

If you’ve never thought about getting a temporary phone number or you didn’t know where to start then today is your lucky day. You’ve come to the perfect place to learn all about having a fake phone number and how it will benefit your life.

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What Is a Temporary Phone Number?

A temporary phone number is a great way to avoid giving your phone number out except to your closest friends and family members. Odds are that your primary mobile phone number is associated with a great number of accounts that belong to you. You need to be aware that there are bad people out there that will use your phone number against you if they get their hands on it.

One way around giving out your personal phone number is getting a burner phone. Perhaps you’re someone that is active on Facebook Marketplace and you need to contact sellers or buyers but you don’t feel comfortable giving out your actual phone number. Online dating is another great reason why people get temporary phone numbers.

There is good news though. There are a number of apps that you can use to get a temporary phone number that you can use for everything from business to online dating. The difficult part is narrowing down the best options for a disposable phone number.

Here is a closer look at the best apps for a temporary phone number.


Burner was ahead of the game when it chose the name for its app that offers fake phone numbers. This app limits you to phone numbers in Canada and the United States with access to your fake phone number for a limited amount of time. If you allow your account to sit without upgrading it then you’ll lose the disposable phone number that you were assigned.

This app is a subscription service, so if you want a lasting temporary phone number then you’ll have to pay up. Getting the premium level of service allows you to have up to three phone numbers with unlimited calls and texts using those phone numbers.


Another great option if you’re looking for a disposable phone number and don’t want to get a burner phone is Hushed. It is another great app that is available for Apple and Android smartphones. It works in a similar way as Burner but it is available for use in a lot of countries.

Hushed will work with a temporary phone number in more than 40 countries around the globe so it is a much better option if you do international business or you travel a lot. You can make calls using Hushed using your mobile data plan or using wifi. 

You won’t experience losing call minutes from your cell phone plan if you choose to get Hushed as a way to have a disposable phone number. It also allows you to bundle up to three phone numbers. You’ll also have unlimited texting though your text messages will automatically get deleted after reading them.


CoverMe also works with Android products, though as of recently it is not available on iOS. It is a great option if you’re looking for a secure way to call or text people with a disposable phone number. It is especially great for users that are located in the United States or Canada since they can receive encrypted phone calls.

It is compatible with your cell phone plan but it will also allow you to text and call when connected to a wifi signal. Keep in mind that this is a subscription service and it will cost you a certain amount of money each month depending on the package that you choose.

Benefits of Temporary Phone Numbers

There are certain situations where having a temporary phone number is smart for your safety and protection. There is always a risk that comes with giving your phone number out to people that you don’t know well. If you want to avoid getting calls from people that you don’t know or don’t want to hear from then your best bet is to get a disposable phone number.

1. Online Dating

Online dating is a great way to find the love of your life, but it isn’t without its risks and its dangers. A great number of women have experienced harassment from people that they met while attempting to navigate online dating. No one wants to get harassed or get contacted if things aren’t going the way they hoped.

Having a disposable phone number is a great way to protect yourself from this happening if you’re trying out the online dating scene. It is a great buffer that you can put up for your safety and security. If things don’t end up going the way that you plan then you can get rid of that phone number through Tardigrada and move on with your life.

2. Buying or Selling from Online Marketplaces

Another case where you’ll find a person who need a disposable number is someone that buys or sells a lot of items on online marketplaces. Using online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace is a cost-effective way to get things that you want or need. You can also turn these purchases around and sell them for a profit.

Similar to online dating, buying or selling items on an online marketplace can be dangerous. You don’t know who you’re bargaining with and if they’re a dangerous person or not. It is a wise idea to always meet people that you’re bargaining with in a public setting where there are a lot of other people.

Having a fake phone number is a great way to keep yourself safe if the person you’re bargaining with turns out to be a scammer or worse. Taking this step will ensure that your identity remains private and safe from harm.

3. Working as a Freelancer

If you work as a freelancer and you find success then odds are that you’ll have hundreds of clients that want to work with you. You’ll end up having a lot of one-off encounters which will complicate your contact list on your phone and make it almost impossible to keep your personal life and your professional life separate.

Using a temporary phone number is a great idea for a freelancer because it provides that division between work and the other aspects of your life. You’ll find that your life is much more organized if you take this route for communication.

4. Signing Up for Websites

If you’ve ever wondered how your phone number ends up getting calls from so many robots, it is because you’ve used it to sign up at websites. These websites then turned around and sold your personal information to marketing agencies. Think about each time that you’ve entered your phone number into something online over the past few weeks.

Maybe it is used to purchase a product or book a flight. You might even need to provide your phone number when purchasing a new app on your smartphone. It is a good idea to avoid using your real phone number in situations like this if you want to avoid getting tons of calls from telemarketers.

5. Contacting Business Leads

If you’re the owner of a startup business and you’re trying to grow your leads then you’re going to need to make some phone calls. Odds are that you’re using your personal phone to make these calls, but you probably don’t want to mix your personal life with your business life.

Getting temporary phone numbers is the perfect remedy for contacting leads for your business while avoiding using your personal number. Try using your temporary phone number to make cold calls to potential customers and store all of your business contacts for it. That way you won’t be getting calls from potential leads when you’re off on vacation and trying to get away from the stress of work.

Consider Getting Temporary Phone Numbers Today

There are many benefits to getting temporary phone numbers and they range from keeping your life organized to adding to your personal safety. If you plan on being active in the online dating scene then it is always smart to use a fake phone number. The same can be said for buying or selling goods on Facebook Marketplace.

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By Manali