Satta matka games are spreading like fire in the gaming world. With the capability to make anyone rich a player from India can play this game anytime, anywhere. There is one website that ranks first in the list that allows you to play these games without any headache. The name of the website is known as dpboss online. The dpboss online is famous for showing live satta matka results and by using their OS gaming app you can play all satta matka games in one platform. In the paragraph ahead we are going to share some tips and tricks to play this game so stick to the last.

How To Play Satta Matka Games?

Playing satta matka or 220 patti games is really simple in comparison to other games. To invest and succeed in the game, you simply need to adhere to a few fundamental guidelines. The contestant must select a pair of three distinct numbers between 0 and 9 in order to win. It is important that none of the three numbers are repeated and that they are all distinct. Your optimum winning number will be determined by the pair of three numbers you select, so choose carefully.

Tips To Play Matka Games

Choose the Game According To Free Time

In our OS gaming app there are hundreds of matka games available and there is no chance that you can play the game at the same time. Each game has a different time frame that means some games have morning time, some have afternoon time and others have night time. So in order to win the game it is important for you to choose the one game that suits your free time and you can fully focus on that one game. Try out all the games and narrow down the one that seems perfect to you. 

Perform Satta Calculation Beforehand

Now you must be wondering what is satta calculation. Many gamers are aware of this term but in order to pick the right winning pair, satta calculation is important. Now suppose you pick a pair like 789 now this is not the winning pair but it will decide your ideal winning number. After the addition of all the numbers in the pair the last digit of the addition is your winning pair. That means 7+8+9 is 24 and the last digit is 4 is your winning. No matter what, keep this number in mind and search for this number in the upcoming result. That means in order to decide you have to decide the winning  number and for that satta calculation is important.

Use Jodi and Panel Chart

On our website dpboss online there is a term known as panel chart and jodi chart. They are free and available for everyone. The main purpose of this chart is to showcase the results that are drawn in the past. That’s what other gamers think and it is true but many know that this chart has the capability to show you the future results. In that you can see past month and year results also. If you keep an eye on them properly then you come to know that this result follows a particular pattern and this pattern repeats itself in the future. By keeping a constant eye on the result you can see that pattern and pick your number in a more accurate way. 

Matka Guessing Forum for double confirmation

The Matka guessing forum is the best to double check your picking. Many gamers are not able to bet on their picking because they think that the pair they choose is wrong and are looking for an expert’s help to double check it. Well many people face this same problem so by keeping that problem in mind our website dpboss online experts malta plates and astrologists guess the numbers that have chances of getting drawn in the next result. The guessing is done for single, jodi and pair and named as matka guessing forum. It is the best way to double check your picking.


There are hundreds of matka tips available on the internet but these tips are the main ones. Majority of gamers use this to win the game. With a little practice anyone can master this strategy and use them in the real game. For more matka tips like these visit our website dpboss online where you can see the live matka results of a respective game and download our IOS gaming app to play these games.

By Manali