A Scrum Master protects the team from internal and external distractions in the organization. The people who have CSM Certification can understand the Scrum framework and understand the abilities of the team, their role and event.

The Scrum roles are divided into three: Scrum Master, Product Owner and Developers.

The CSM is an entry-level certification designed to provide people to become Scrum Master. They get an understanding of the Scrum framework.

Here are some top tips to master the Scrum Master examination:

Read the official course material provided by the Scrum alliance. 

  • The CSM exam questions are based on those course materials. The test is composed of learning intentions.
  • You must refer to the official ones to find sourcebooks and course materials related to the subject and then to the rest. 
  • You should refer to the online Scrum guide because it is updated and has the latest version. It covers everything you need to know.
  • There is a very small possibility of being asked the same questions that have been already seen in the CSM guide.
  • It is better to get pdf version books, there is a list of books available online.
  • Your preparation must begin by touching on all the basic concepts mentioned in the guide.

Take mock tests

Mock tests or practice tests are a great way to evaluate your knowledge of the CSM exam. 

The other benefit of taking the test is that an individual will get to know the problems they faced during the test.

This will allow you a notion of what type of course-related topics need more attention. 

You can find many mock tests online out of which few are free as well.

You have to prepare for as many mock tests as possible until you score 100% as this equals the passing score in the real CSM exam.

Clear your basics

You must be aware of all the fundamental topics related to Scrum. You should understand these topics and make sure to be clear and make separate notes of each topic.

Fundamentals such as:

Rules and roles in Scrum 

  • The duration of every Sprint is in four weeks or less
  • No breaks in Sprints
  • Every Sprint is of the same length
  • Every Sprint’s intention is ‘potentially shippable’ software
  • Every Sprint has Sprint Planning 
  • The Sprint Planning meeting is boxed to 2 hours/weeks of Sprint length

Agile Manifesto

  • The Agile Manifesto is constituted of four foundational values and 12 helping principles. 
  • The four values and 12 principles serve the Developers to grasp the Agile methodology in project management.
  • Those who have a deep understanding of the Agile Manifesto will get CSM concepts better and the CSM exam questions.  

Take part in boot camps and online forums

  • The most prime way to prepare for any exam is by associating with a good group of friends who are also going to give the same exam or have already been given the exam.
  • In such groups, you will find people with different levels of experience, stories and ways of learning. 
  • These groups can provide you with the required information and preparation to pass the CSM exam.
  • The teachers and CSM mentors can also give you worthwhile insights into exam preparation.

Take a course

The Certified Scrum Master Training provides a course that provides CSM certificate without which you can not certificate this course. This course handouts a basic understanding of the Scrum Master. This course takes two days to cover and will give you the fundamentals of everything you need to pass the CSM exam. 

Basic pointers to keep in mind

  • Deep knowledge of Scrum-related topics.
  • Go through the guide completely and make sure to learn quick fundamentals and key terms.
  • Don’t rush through questions to save time, read every question carefully and be ready to tackle tricky words and questions.
  • You need to get 37 correct answers out of 50. Which is 74% or higher to get CSM certification.
  • You will only get 60 minutes to attempt all 50 questions.


These are the assured tips to get past the Scrum examination. You have to build a strong strategy and learn all the essential concepts of Scrum and you can enrol yourself in Certified Scrum Master Training to learn Scrum effectively. Then you will surely crack the exam on your first attempt.

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By Manali