Are you worried that exposure to a burn pit can cause danger to your health?

It hits me hard when I heard that apart from the fight you put up to defend your nation, you can develop health issues from the burn pit.

And you know what? Right here, you will learn all about the benefits and compensation for burn pit exposure. So, read on!

For starters:

What Is Veterans Administration (VA)? 

It is the agency in charge of the welfare of veterans and ensures their easy transition back to civilian life in the country they fought to defend. By the way, you can get a burn pit lawsuit here.

So, let’s dive into the benefits they offer you.

What Is Considered Burn Pit Exposure?

Under the military, they say personnel who serve in foreign military bases where they were exposed to toxic smokes emanating from the burning of wastes gathered from military bases are considered to have served under burn pit exposure.

Does VA Benefits Attract Tax?

This is not true. Whatever compensation you generate under VA disability benefits is not liable to tax. 

Veterans Administration (VA) Benefits and Compensation for Burn Pit Exposure

  • Monetary compensation

Depending on the severity of your burn pit exposure as a member of the U.S Military, you may be compensated on a monthly basis based on this percentage rating.

Based on the most recent report, the VA disability rate benefit ranges from $0.00 per month to $3,332 per month.

How much you are eligible to earn depends on your disability rating.

  • Free healthcare and medications

If, as a veteran, they later diagnosed you with medical conditions that can be traced to your time serving in the military and staying in burn pits, then you would be eligible for compensation.

  • Travel allowance for scheduled appointments for care at VA medical facility

Up to a 30% discount or more is available for grabs on the travel ticket of veterans diagnosed with medical conditions because of exposure to burn pits.

  • Veteran employment

The United state government has a dedicated department for improving the welfare of veterans. The veterans can apply for a job if they meet the ‌requirement stated on the Visual Affairs website.

If they do not qualify for a job right away, you can enroll in a vocational rehab to get them into good shape.

  • Compensation for dependents

Family members, such as your husband/wife, kids, and parents, are eligible for long-term care, support, and help, both financially and otherwise, when a veteran dies because of complications from burn pit exposure.

  • Hiring preference


We may consider people who have served in the military for job opportunities ahead of others. Well, there is no law backing this, it’s just that people ‌respect those who have put their lives on the line for the nation.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits and compensation from your time in the military. Then you would need to apply and ensure you can prove beyond doubt that you have sustained harm while serving as a veteran, especially if it relates to burning pit exposure.

By Manali