With more people becoming aware of environmental issues, environmental scientists and specialist positions are expected to grow in volume by 8 percent between 2020 and 2030. While these are some of the most well-known environmental careers, they aren’t your only options.

Several types of jobs let you have a positive impact on the environment, so consider a career change today.

Environmental Engineer

As an environmental engineer, you’ll use basic engineering principles to solve environmental problems. This could be addressing pollution control, public health challenges, or improving recycling methods.

Environmental Lawyer

If you want to have a positive impact but aren’t a scientist, consider a legal position. Environmental lawyers have a range of options, from fieldwork to legislation. Lawyers have the unique ability to make a widespread impact by lobbying for policy and legislative changes. They can also change someone’s life by helping them receive compensation for damages suffered.

Energy Auditor

If energy usage is where your interests lie, then an energy auditor could be your ideal position. Their career focuses on preserving energy and looking for ways to reduce usage. This could be anything from inspecting buildings for energy efficiency to consulting on the design of a new building.


Unlike other careers on this list, a geoscientist looks beyond every usage, pollution, and climate. Instead, geoscientists focus on the earth’s structure. They study the physical makeup of the earth and down below the surface.

You could help with environmental cleanups that have extended into the earth. You could also study changing features, such as lake sizes, river path changes, or rock erosion.

Environmental Scientist

One way you can go about helping the environment is to be a scientist that works to clean up polluted areas. As a scientist, you can work in countless industries, even ones that don’t seem to have a direct impact on the environment. Part of this is knowing and understanding RCRA hazardous waste refresher training.

You can help others protect the environment by showing them how to prevent pollution and clean up spills.

Solar Installer

Help others embrace modern technology and innovation by installing solar panels. First, you will consult with homeowners to design an individualized system that makes the most of the sun exposure. Then you’ll use the schematics to install their new system.

Adventure Guide

This might be one of the most fun environmental jobs because it gives you a chance to get out there and be in nature. You’ll work as a guide helping your clients through various activities. For example, you could go mountain climbing, rafting, hiking, or camping.

Show your clients how important protecting our environment is.

Consider One of These Environmental Careers

If you’re ready to do more than just recycle at home, why not consider one of these environmental careers. Each day you will have a positive impact on the future of our planet. There are careers that suit every interest and skillset, so you’re sure to find an environmental career that enables you to have an impact.

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By Manali