Did you know that a virtual assistant makes an average of $19.73 per hour? Still, some clients will pay by the task rather than by the hour, depending on the agreement terms.

Virtual assistants work as independent contractors who provide administrative services to clients remotely.

The best virtual assistants need to have specialized training to attract clients. A wide range of computer skills and proficiency with software and business programs is an added advantage.

Even so, what does a virtual assistant do? Well, the specific tasks will vary depending on the clients’ needs. The contract terms might also determine what duties a virtual assistant will have.

Virtual assistant jobs get done away from the office. So, you won’t have to spend more on buying furniture for a new office. It helps to cut down on your business running costs.

There are many reasons for hiring a virtual assistant. This article discusses some of the virtual assistant roles that you should know.

Personal Tasks

Besides business, virtual assistants can help out with individual duties. Your assistant will assume responsibility for organizing your to-do list and calendar.

Other personal virtual assistant tasks would be handling your booking travel arrangements when planning trips and vacations. You can also hire a personal virtual assistant to make purchases on your behalf.

You may wish to buy gifts, books, hardware, or clothing.

Creating Content

Small and large businesses have realized the importance of digital marketing to their operations. Organizations put up blog posts often to boost their search engine optimization and attract traffic to their websites.

Hiring a virtual assistant will help you increase your brand visibility online. Virtual assistants will upload new blogs for you regularly.

That way, more people will find your products on search engines and visit your website often. This helps improve user engagement regarding your products and services online.

Further, virtual assistants engage with your followers through retweets and replying to comments. You can find them here to help create and schedule posts to share on your social media platforms.

Finance Management

Sometimes work can be overwhelming that you almost forget to do your taxes. Hiring a virtual assistant will get you sorted to avoid the last-minute rush. Even so, any actual accounting will remain the responsibility of the client.

A virtual assistant will manage your finances by making purchases and maintaining budgets for your business. They’ll also help keep track of your expenditure, ensuring that your finances are up to date.

Conducting Research

Consistent research is an essential part of any firm’s expansion strategy. Spending hours researching and still running your business can be tedious.

Having a virtual assistant will help you track what your competitors are doing. Your virtual assistant can also analyze consumer trends for your product and services.

What Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

You now know what to say when asked, what does a virtual assistant do?

Even so, you must know that virtual assistant careers have different certifications. A certified virtual assistant is one with at least one year of experience.

Google Ads Certification demonstrates that you’re qualified in online advertising. You’ll undergo training from Google in various areas under the certification before taking any tests.

Browse this website for information on virtual assistant roles and benefits.

By Manali