There are between 80 and 100 different cannabinoids found in the average cannabis plant. Cannabinol oil, or CBN, is a lesser-known cannabinoid that holds the distinct honor of becoming the first isolated cannabinoid in 1898.

Cannabinol is more than just a historical footnote, though. It could have medical benefits as well, though there hasn’t been much research into it. There will likely be more research into CBN, and more information about it, in the future.

What is CBN, though, and how does it differ from other cannabinoids? We’ll talk more about that and the potential health benefits of CBN in this article.

What Is CBN?

The big difference between CBN and other cannabinoids is where it comes from. Cannabis plants are living things, which means that they age. As cannabis ages, the THC in it loses potency and changes its chemical makeup.

The result, as will attest, is CBN, a far more subdued substance that doesn’t create the same type of high that THC does. It is still possible to get high from Cannabinol, but you’ll need a lot more of it, and usually the high won’t be as intense.

It’s important to note that we know as much about its recreational effects as we do about its medical benefits–nothing we can prove.

1. CBN Can Help You Sleep

So what is CBN good for? The most well-documented use of CBN is as a sleep aid. Evidence from a few studies, and the countless experiences of people using old weed, suggests that CBN is an excellent sleep aid.

This is great news because at least one-tenth of the US population has chronic insomnia, and as many as half experiences at least a few symptoms of insomnia.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

One of the most common uses of medical cannabis is to fight pain and inflammation,  and there’s a reason for that. Many different cannabinoids seem to have anti-inflammatory properties, and CBN is no exception.

In fact, more medical marijuana and CBD are prescribed for inflammation than for any other condition. CBN also helps with inflammation, though we don’t yet know how much.

3. Pain Relief

Inflammation often goes hand-in-hand with pain. Together, they serve as some of the first warning signs that something is wrong. The reason they so often occur together is that one causes the other.

The body’s response to infection or damage is to release inflammatory cells to repair the damage. Pain occurs as a side effect of the repair. This is why so many of the treatments for inflammation, including CBN, are also painkillers.

What Is CBN and How Is it Useful?

Though not quite as well-known as many other cannabinoids, CBN might also be a medicine of the future. What is CBN? We’ve discussed that in the paragraphs above, and gone over a few medical benefits it seems to possess.

We encourage you to do more research on CBN if you’re interested. If you want to know more about technology, real estate, current events, and other lifestyle topics please visit our site. We have quite a selection of articles on marijuana and CBD to look through.

By Manali