Tracking mileage is a necessity for all businesses that require travel – without an elaborate mileage log, you won’t be eligible for tax deductions, or you might not deduct as much as you possibly could.

There are tons of ways to track your mileage, but the most efficient one is definitely through a mileage tracker app. What features can apps like that have in 2022?

What to look for in a mileage tracker app?

You can find the right mileage tracker app on Google Play and App Store, most of them dedicated to self-employed entrepreneurs and small business owners. In brief, they are a type of accounting software that allows employees to track work related travel expenses.

The first thing you should look at are tracking modes. Most advanced mileage trackers offer 3 automatic trip tracking modes (vehicle movement tracking, Bluetooth tracking, and Plug’N’Go phone charge tracking) in addition to manual recording.

Some apps, like MileageWise, create mileage logs that are 100% IRS approved from the get-go, which is a crucial feature if you don’t want to spend hours adjusting each log.

Which mileage tracking solution works best for small businesses?

Small businesses need a solution that’s able to track all business mileage in a mileage log and expenses automatically, without needing any input every single time one of your vehicles is moved. It’s also important for such a solution to be affordable and provide plenty of features for its price.

Mileage tracker apps are the most effective tools for small businesses that need to track miles for mileage reimbursement. Automatic tracking, categorizing trips as business or personal, credit card integration, route planning, clock-in and clock-out functionality, and more – these are only some of the features professional mileage tracker apps like MileageWise provide.

Save an average of $12,000 per year with MileageWise

Wondering how to keep track of mileage for taxes? Choose MileageWise!

Instead of using expensive accounting software, MileageWise offers a simple mileage tracker solution with AI-powered technology that allows users to recreate forgotten mileage based on previous journeys and clients’ locations. All you have to do is provide trip details, and the app will generate an IRS-approved mileage log, ready for an audit.

There’s a 14-day free trial if you don’t want to commit right out of the gate – make sure to give it a try!

By Manali