The cannabis industry is one of the most talked-about business opportunities in today’s financial circles. As interest grows, so does the availability of CBD oil products. Why is it so popular? Well, public interest has grown because CBD oil is proven to have scientific elements. The product’s attributes can assist with treating various physical and mental health issues.

Leading medical officials have confirmed the positive results of using CBD oil. It will decrease chronic pain and inflammation, a reduced level of stress and a calmer feeling throughout the body. Other users will place CBD oil products in their smoothie or morning coffee. All with the hope of having their body function better in life. The goal is to gain improved health and wellness. To the customer’s satisfaction, many users have chosen CBD oil-based products from Infuzion CBD.

However, most individuals throw the term around without understanding the definition or where CBD oil comes from. Let’s take a look at the elements that help a user’s body to function better in their daily activities:

What is CBD Oil?

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation and commercialization of hemp products such as CBD oil. Hemp has been the main ingredient in commercial and industrial products for centuries. Today, it can be found in rope, clothing and textiles.

CBD oil comes from the hemp plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 120 known chemical elements embedded in the plant. It offers a natural, non-intoxicating feeling to users. Medical researchers have confirmed CBD oil holds health-improvement components that aid individuals who are suffering from high blood pressure, social anxiety, chronic pain and sleeping disorders. The evidence shows that CBD oil communicates with the body’s signaling system, endocannabinoid.

The amount of CBD available for extraction is dependent upon the source. Hemp plants hold far more CBD than its counterpart, cannabis plants. It has less tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so a person will not get “high” after use. Hemp is legal across most of the United States, although that status has been challenged through the years. The current law reads that CBD is a legalized substance, but possession does come with restrictions. Research the legality of buying CBD oil in your local area before making a purchase.

Although CBD oil usage is on the rise, controversy still surrounds commercial distribution. Manufacturers view hemp as a cash cow because of its availability and product value. Plus, there are fewer legal ramifications with the authorities.

How to Extract CBD From Hemp?

The extraction of CBD from a hemp plant is a very detailed, time-consuming process. Once the element is extracted from the plant. The CBD will be mixed with herbs and oils to create a finished product that will be sold to the general public. Most industry producers will use three common methods: CO2 extraction, oil extraction and liquid solvent extraction.

Each process separates CBD from the hemp plant that will be used to make a variety of CBD products. Some of the more popular products include oil, capsules, vape cartridges, sprays, edibles and topical lotion for skin and body care.

Here are the three extraction processes:

CO2 Extraction

The CBD oil industry believes the CO2 extraction process is the most technically efficient procedure available. But the final product does come with a price. CO2 extraction is a very expensive process, but it will produce a high-potency, chlorophyll-free product.

You will need a machine with three separate chambers that hold each state of the CO2 gas. The CO2 extraction begins by heating the gas in a high-pressure environment while maintaining a low temperature. This turns the CO2 into a liquid form called supercritical.

The next phase of the extraction process will take place inside the second chamber. The supercritical liquid passes through the grounded hemp plant to extract the CBD and other chemical elements found inside the plant. Also, it will kill off all bacteria, mold and other contaminants that could be fatal to a user. The mixture is moved to the final chamber as dry ice is pumped into the compartment to separate the contents. The CBD oil will be left at the bottom of the chamber before the CO2 gas flows back to the first chamber.

The efficiency level of CO2 extraction is close to perfection at a 90 percent level.

Oil Extraction

One of the oldest methods to gain CBD from a hemp plant is oil extraction. It is a simple process as most individuals will complete the process inside their home or laboratory. They will use olive oil to decarboxylate the hemp plant. It is a technique that heats the hemp, so the chemical elements become activated. Once the hemp is heated, mix the product with olive oil before reheating again. This step should extract the CBD, but it will need to be stored in a cool, dry storage area.

Liquid Solvent Extraction

One of the cheapest ways to extract CBD is liquid solvent extraction. It is more susceptible to disaster as you are working with highly flammable solvents.

The CBD extraction process begins by soaking the hemp in a container filled with solvents such as low-grade alcohol. Often, the mixture will remove the hemp’s nutrients, which may give the CBD oil product a more bitter taste.

Once the above step is completed, heat the container. It will leave the CBD in an oil state. The solvent residue could be harmful to users. It is wise to repeat the heating process once again. It will purify the CBD oil. Manufacturers feel the liquid solvent extraction process does remove the product’s potency.

Remember, each CBD oil product available inside a cannabis dispensary does have a different chemical makeup. Often, a user will associate a product with their specific needs. Right now, friends and family members are the lone sources to gain knowledge on how to treat certain medical conditions with CBD oil. Others will recommend using the product as a supplement to complement their health and wellness lifestyle.

CBD oil has become the leading treatment option for pain relief. A user gains a more active lifestyle without any health consequences. The reason is it offers more balance to the human body.

Recent research studies have confirmed that CBD oil helps treat chronic body pain and low-grade inflammation that could contribute to other medical conditions if left untreated. Also, it lessens social anxiety, insomnia and other ailments.

Talk to your physician about using CBD oil as a natural health remedy, especially if you’re taking other medications regularly. Confirm with them if taking CBD oil will affect your overall health.

By Manali