The global wine market is presumed to increase from $340.23 billion in 2021 to $456.76 billion in 2028, with a CAGR of 4.30%.

Red wine has a long history of pairing with foods to create flavors. Perhaps you’ve tried experimenting with your red wine, drinking it with water or coffee, and found that it doesn’t taste that great.

The best pairings for red wine are foods that enhance the flavor and provide a high contrast to counteract its richness. This article will discuss some of our favorite foods for when you want to sit down and enjoy a glass of red with a meal.

If you’re ready to take your red wine drinking to the next level, keep reading to figure out which foods go well with red wine.


Many different types of cheese go well with red wine, from sharp and aged cheddar to a milder brie. Some other excellent choices include gorgonzola, gruyere, and parmesan. Depending on the intensity of the wine, you can pair it with a stronger or milder cheese.

For a lighter red wine, try pairing it with a triple cream brie or soft goat cheese. If you’re enjoying a bolder wine, go for a sharper cheddar or robust gorgonzola. It’s all about finding a balance between the strength of wine and cheese.


A juicy steak is the perfect pairing for a rich, full-bodied red wine. The intense flavors of the steak are perfectly complemented by the wine’s fruitiness and tannins. The fat in the steak also helps to soften the tannins in the wine, making for a smooth and well-rounded flavor.

Different types of red wine can be enjoyed with steak, so there is sure to be a perfect match for any taste. Whether you prefer a robust cabernet or a fruity merlot, there is a red wine that will pair perfectly with your steak. To make sure that you have the right wine, consider checking the sample box where it came from.

Pasta With Red Sauce

Many red wines are good with red pasta sauce, but some of the best include Barbera, Brunello di Montalcino, and Chianti. These wines are all high in acidity and have medium to high tannins, which help to cut through the richness of the sauce.

When choosing a wine, it is important to consider the other ingredients in the dish, such as garlic, onions, and tomatoes. If the dish is heavy on these flavors, then wine with more acidity and tannins will be a better match.


Many different types of chocolate can be paired with red wine. The most important factor to consider is the level of sweetness in the chocolate. Sweet chocolate will go well with a semi-sweet or fruity red wine, while darker chocolate pairs well with a full-bodied red wine.

Some other factors to consider are the intensity of the chocolate flavor and the amount of cocoa butter in the chocolate. Richer chocolate with a higher cocoa butter content will go well with a bolder red wine, while lighter chocolate will pair well with a lighter red wine.


There are a variety of foods that go great with red wine. Some of the more popular fruits include strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. These fruits are all very sweet, and their sweetness is a perfect complement to the dryness of red wine.

Other fruits that go well with red wine include blackberries, figs, and plums. These fruits are all very rich and have a deep flavor that pairs well with the bold flavors of red wine.


Mushrooms’ earthy and umami flavors are the perfect complement to a glass of red wine. They can be cooked in so many different ways. Whether you’re in the mood for a rich and creamy mushroom risotto or simple garlic and herb sauté, there’s a red wine out there that will perfectly match your meal.


Many dishes go well with red wine, but pork is one of the best pairings. The fat in pork helps to round out the tannins in the wine, and the natural sweetness of the meat complements the fruity flavors of the wine.

When choosing a pork dish to pair with red wine, look for something that is not too fatty or too lean and that has a good balance of flavors. Roasted pork tenderloin with a crust of herbs is a perfect match for fruity red wine, while a hearty pork stew would be better with a full-bodied wine.


Pizza is a classic Italian dish that is widely enjoyed all over the world. While there are many different ways to make and enjoy pizza, one of the most popular is to pair it with red wine. The key to making this pairing work is choosing the right type of pizza.

A light, thin-crusted pizza with a simple tomato sauce is the perfect base for a variety of red wines. For a heartier pizza, try one with a thick crust and robust meat or vegetable toppings.

Caesar Salad

A caesar salad is a popular dish made with romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, and dressing. This salad can be made with or without chicken.

When pairing a salad with red wine, it is important to consider the flavors in the dish. It is a rich and creamy dish, so a red wine with similar flavors will pair well. A wine with high acidity will also pair well with this dish.

Complement Red Wine With Your Food

In conclusion, many foods go well with red wine, including cheese, steak, pasta with red sauce, chocolate, fruits, mushroom, pork, pizza, and caesar salad. When choosing a red wine to pair with food, it is foremost to consider the weight, texture, and flavor of the dish. No matter what you’re eating, there is a red wine that will complement your meal.

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By Manali