If you have just emigrated to a new country, you probably often wonder “where to find a job?” Most people think that if they move to a new country, it will be very difficult to find a job, and it really is.  Today, more and more people are thinking about moving and employment abroad. In this article we will explain why work abroad is so in demand, we will consider in detail all the pros and cons of such work.

    Why has working abroad become so popular among people?  

The main reasons:

  •     difficulty finding a job in their country or lack of the desired vacancy;
  •     the possibility of large profits in the short term.

    These are the two main reasons given by people who go to work abroad.  The first reason is not entirely true.  Vacancies and any job are everywhere, another thing that many people consider inappropriate, but coming abroad, most find the same job, only the salary will be an order of magnitude higher.

    For example, the work of a collector of vegetables, fruits, maids, waiters, couriers do not require higher education, high qualifications and extensive experience.

    It can be concluded that the main reason for employment abroad is high wages, but we should not forget that in large European countries there is also a problem of unemployment, so finding a good job is not so easy.

    All work abroad is divided into two categories: formal and informal.  What are the advantages of working abroad?

  1.     Successful employment opens up the following opportunities for you:
  2.     Learn a foreign language;
  3.     High salary;
  4.     Opportunity to move permanently to another country;
  5.     There will be an opportunity to get useful acquaintances;
  6.     A great opportunity to see the world and expand your horizons;
  7.     Possibility of obtaining citizenship.  If your career grows, you can easily apply for citizenship.  

So there are still disadvantages to staying and working in foreign countries?  There are many of them, from inhumane treatment at work to too expensive products, but now I will tell you the 3 most common disadvantages that people complain about when coming to foreign countries: 

  1. Fraudsters.  When you come to a foreign country, you can easily be deceived. 
  2. Substitution of values.  Many migrants, when traveling home, hear from relatives or friends something like “You became like a real Italian / Englishman / German, etc.”.  What’s the matter?

 Society influences a person, so, over time, the ideals and values ​​of the surrounding foreigners will begin to penetrate into your consciousness.  Probably, after moving abroad in one direction or another, your attitude to various social and political issues, issues of life, family and marriage, ways of spending time, etc. will change.

  •  Another language When a person moves abroad, he hears many foreign words that he does not understand, and because of this he wants to return home soon.

  6 useful tips on how to avoid fraudulent employers:

  1.  All companies must have official legal status, 
  2. All documents you draw up must be notarized and meet all international requirements;
  4. All the intricacies and nuances of taxation in a particular country, you must find out in advance so as not to face serious problems in the future;
  5.  In no case do not hand over your documents to the employer;
  6. Do not make any pledges and prepayments that exceed the cost of opening a visa and issuing a passport;
  7. Registration of the foreign passport be engaged only independently. Having concluded it is necessary to tell that work abroad is not always the only variant of good earnings.  There are always alternative ways to earn money in your country, such as starting a small business, working for yourself, finding passive sources of income and so on.

     But if your profession is poorly paid in your home country, one of the best ways to support a family is to work abroad.

    From experiencing a different culture to making more money, a whole new world will open up for you – new ways of thinking, new food and new friends.

sMany people choose neighboring countries in search of better earnings and professional growth.  Some go to the other side of the world, but that doesn’t make it easier for them to find work.  Now many people who have gone abroad use the site layboard.in this site will help you find any job in your specialty in any part of the world.  https://layboard.in/ is a site that will tell you about work opportunities abroad.  With this site you can easily and simply find a job abroad, and therefore be able to feed your family.  Some people choose seasonal vacancies.  Pros of seasonal work:

  1. Ability to make good money in a short period of time.  For example, seasonal work in Belgium is paid according to special rules and costs an average of 8 euros / hour.
  2. To perform seasonal work, as a rule, does not require work experience, so seasonal vacancies can apply to almost anyone, regardless of education and skills.  The only requirement that may be the reason for refusing such work is age.  Employers are more willing to recruit young migrants who will work faster and better.
  3. Seasonal vacancies are an ideal solution for those who do not yet have a permanent job.  That is, you can work part-time in a temporary job, and at the same time look for offers on a permanent basis.
  4. During the trip, the migrant has the opportunity to learn a foreign language, see the country and get acquainted with its inhabitants.

   Cons of seasonal vacancies

  1. You need to work hard physically from morning till night.  Weak people can not stand long work without rest.  Sometimes a migrant works for only a month and returns home.
  2. Rarely can foreign employers make additional demands on a candidate.  For example, work in Sweden on berries is provided only to those candidates who have their own car.  The vehicle is needed to transport the harvest and daily harvest to the place of work.
  3. Risk of unforeseen situations.  Employers may hide or conceal certain aspects of their work so as not to lose potential employees.

   Recommendations for choosing seasonal work

   In order for temporary work to bring only pleasure and high earnings, it is necessary to pay close attention to the choice of vacancy and employer.  Even at the stage of employment, it is important to test all working conditions, carefully read the contract.  Based on the information received, you should weigh your options to assess whether the proposed vacancy is really suitable.

   When it comes to choosing a country for employment, you should be guided by your own wishes.  It is better to go where it will be easier to adapt to society or where the heart calls.  For example, if a migrant has a dream to see Jerusalem, he is suitable for work in Israel.  In this country, seasonal vacancies are not only agricultural.  In resort towns you can find a job as an animator, assistant chef, loader in a warehouse or shop.

   In order to get great prospects for development and life, you need to break up with friends, sometimes even family.  Psychologically it is extremely difficult.  In addition, you need to overcome the language barrier and master a foreign language at a sufficient conversational level, get used to a different mentality.  Therefore, before you go abroad, you need to weigh the benefits and risks, and make the right decision.  You should also keep in mind that not every company will offer you payment for relocation and housing.  Also keep in mind that formal employment requires high taxes.  This is typical of most developed European countries.  Bureaucratic red tape can arise when applying for a work visa.

By Manali