Is your office prepared in case someone got hurt? Workplace injuries are usually no more than a paper cut in most offices, but more severe injuries can happen. Having a properly stocked office first aid kit could help prevent an injury from getting worse or keep someone calm while help arrives.

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The Office First Aid Kit

There are several basics you will need to get when building your first aid kit. Go through this first aid kit supplies checklist and make sure you have everything before packing it up.

A first aid kit needs several different size gauze pads, band-aids (at least 25), a packet of gauze roller bandages, triangular bandages. You need antiseptic, antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone, asperin, non-latex gloves, and an instant cold compress. And you will also need a blanket, tweezers, adhesive cloth tape, splints, elastic wraps, scissors, a thermometer, and resuscitation equipment. 

You should also include instructions on how to use the equipment listed as well as how to contact the necessary authorities if further assistance is needed. This might seem like a long and complicated first aid kit list, but this is the bare minimum to have for a thorough office kit. Having the best first aid kit can mean you’ll be better prepared for almost any event, which could help a coworker or yourself.

Training for More

It can be helpful to have some employees, or all, trained in some first aid techniques. Knowing the basics like how to perform CPR and how to use all the tools in your first aid kit can help people feel more taken care of and less at risk at work. It also doesn’t take long to learn. You can look around for first aid courses available in your area and receive proper training.

Individualize Your Preparedness

You can get a preparation kit, which will have most of the basic supplies you need. But your workplace may need even more. Think about the types of jobs being done in your place of work, as well as the people working there. Do you need something to help with burns, or do you have a co-worker with diabetes? 

Knowing the specifics of your workplace will help you put together a kit that doesn’t only include the basics. Some places are more dangerous than others, so take a moment to think of the dangers in your workplace and if anything extra should be included in your kit.

Proactive Protection

A big part of having a first aid kit is to help people both feel more secure in their workplace, and also have the tools they need in case an injury does occur. No one wants to get hurt at work, but things happen. The best policy is to be prepared for those possibilities, even if no one ever gets hurt.

Your office first aid kit is crucial and required for workplace safety. It shouldn’t be a small box of bandaids in a random hallway closet. 

Use the above list and build a first aid kit made to help. And if this was useful in getting your first aid kit started, keep reading for more tips.

By Manali