Seniors deserve to be engaged and entertained. Studies have shown that engaging and entertaining activities keep them active and prolong their lives. But how can nursing home and elderly care professionals achieve this? Always Best Care Senior Services has identified ten important ways elder care professionals can improve an elder’s quality of life.

 By engaging in outdoor activities

Some elder care professionals and facilities do not allow their clients to go out and experience their outdoor environment. Research has shown that seniors are more likely to be happier when they engage with their outdoor environment.

To boost the quality of an elder’s life, friends, family, care professionals, etc., should encourage their participation in outdoor activities. However, such outdoor activities should be properly vetted to ensure that they don’t over-exert. Activities like gardening, outdoor games, bird and people watching, etc., are encouraged.

 Improved Safety  

Safety is one of the biggest challenges facing adult care worldwide. Safety issues have led to an increased incidence of accidents and injuries for seniors at home and in care facilities. Injuries and safety-related problems can be prevented or grossly minimized through the organization.

An organized space where everything is in order improves safety. It may also be beneficial to install protective barriers or systems like lifts to help elders up and down the stairs. Walk-in bathrooms and aging-in-place installations are also recommended.

Hire Excellent In-Home Care

A growing percentage of the elderly population now favor aging in their homes over being put in care facilities. It is important for such elders to get the care and attention they deserve from trained and qualified professionals.

Hiring a trained in-home care professional may be a great way to improve the quality of your elderly loved one’s life. Such in-home care professionals help with activities of daily living, including bathing, meal preparation, dress planning, medication assistance, etc.

Hire a Geriatric Care Manager

The health and emotional needs of your adult loved ones change with time. You should hire a geriatric care manager to better understand their current health challenges and how best to address those needs. A geriatric care manager will assess your elderly loved one, develop an ongoing care management plan, and offer care services to manage their health. They also meet with the client’s primary care physician to learn more about them and their health needs to ensure accurate planning.

 Encourage Planned Family Visits

Everybody is busy. However, it would help if you weren’t too busy visiting your elderly loved ones. Visiting them gives them a sense of belonging and also helps them feel more appreciated. One of the ways to improve visits is by planning a visitation calendar. Ensure that the entire family is present during these appointed dates. You can also drop in to check up on them from time to time. Your visitation calendar will give your adult loved one something to look forward to.

Communicate Regularly  

Visits are as important as communication. Elderly ones usually have a lot of stories and concerns to share. Staying in communication offers them an outlet to share their concerns with you. It can also hint at their current mental and physical state.

While it may not be possible to stay on the phone with them every day, it is recommended that you maintain frequent communication with them.

Explore Elder Care Benefits 

Your elderly loved one is most likely eligible for some elderly care benefits. These benefits can be used to your advantage, saving you money and improving the quality of their lives. You can explore the in-home options offered by Medicaid and Medicare or other features afforded. You can also take advantage of physical therapy and other features of eldercare packages.

Improve their Financial Wellbeing 

There’s a high chance that your elderly loved one may begin to forget things. This may affect how they manage their finances. A great way to ensure that your elderly loved ones remain protected is to oversee and supervise their financial wellbeing. Please encourage them to hire a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who can carefully assess their current financial standing and help them plan for the future.

You may also need to implement a weekly budget for your elderly loved ones to protect them from going broke too soon.

Ensure All Healthcare Needs and Wishes Are Met 

You should discuss your elderly loved one’s care directive with them. This is important to ensure that their healthcare wishes are adequately met. You may also need to hire an estate planning attorney or family lawyer to record their needs in specific instances.

Focus on Making Memories 

Your elderly loved ones are at a stage where they need more memories than strenuous activities. It is recommended that you put strategies in place to ensure that they get quality experiences with family, friends, and loved ones at this stage of their life. Help them make memories to prolong their life and engage their minds.

This list is in no way an exhaustive one. However, the tips here are guaranteed to help you to improve your elderly loved one’s life. 

By Manali