Everyone wants to be appreciated and feel a sense of belonging. With appreciation, waking up to get to the office on time becomes easy. Appreciation makes you understand that some people appreciate your work and see your role as a contribution to the betterment of the company, however small it might be.

Regarding coworkers, they play a huge role in ensuring the company performs at its optimum. From helping each other to tackle challenging tasks to standing with team members in times of professional and personal crisis, they’re always there to ensure everything runs smoothly. For this reason, employers need to appreciate the employees, as team members should appreciate coworkers. If you’re looking forward to appreciating a coworker, here are some of the best ways to do so.

  1. Celebrate Their Joining-The-Company Anniversaries

Everyone joined the company at a particular time. Some were there when it all started, while others joined the team later on. Regardless of when one joined the company, they’ve played a considerable role in its growth.

Among the best ways to appreciate your coworkers for their contribution is by celebrating their joining-the-company anniversary during happy hour in Hyde Park. This move doesn’t only recognize them as a part of the team, but it also celebrates the role they’ve played since they became part of the family. As a result, they’ll work even harder to ensure their work puts the company at a higher rank since they have a sense of belonging.

  1. Plan A Farewell Party

There comes a time when a coworker has to bid goodbye. For example, if a team member has to undergo further studies and can no longer work, they’ll have no choice but to leave the company. Also, a team member can quit their job when they want to pursue other interests that don’t correspond to their current work. Regardless of when one might be leaving the company, it’s thoughtful of other team members to throw a going away party for coworker send-offs.

A going away party is aimed at celebrating the time team members have spent together, the challenges they’ve overcome, and what they’ve done for the team and the company in general. During such an event, make it about the leaving member. Make them feel better and understand how important their work has been. Let them live in the moment instead of feeling bad for leaving the company.

  1. Prepare The Best Food

Food has never gone wrong as a gift or party idea and might never do! While this appreciation gesture works better for team members working from an office, you can also arrange healthy deliveries for remote team members.

When it comes to showing appreciation using food, go for something sweet for the mouth and healthy for the tummies. For example, you can choose healthy smoothies, fruits, or pastries. Besides showing your coworkers that you care and appreciate them, the gift of food will gather the team together, allowing them to strengthen their office relationships and team bond.

  1. Give Them A Personalized Gift

There’s power in gifts, especially if they’re personalized. They might be insignificant to the eye but hold a lot of meaning to the receiver.

Suppose a coworker has helped you handle challenging work. Maybe you tried on your own and failed. However, after they stepped in to help, you pulled through and managed the task effortlessly. In such a case, appreciating them might be necessary.

Besides helping with tasks, some coworkers are good at welcoming other team members when joining the company. They make the onboarding process easy and are always there to make you feel in the right place. Such coworkers deserve appreciation, too.

Fortunately, personalized gifts are easy to make. You can design fancy wooden keyholders bearing the coworker’s name or appreciative cards with a special message. Also, you can determine their interests and have the gift designed towards those.

  1. Always Remember Their Birthdays

Birthday celebrations mean a lot to most people. However, some want their birthdays to remain confidential. Regardless, you can celebrate one’s birthday the way they like it. If they don’t mind, throw a small party at the workplace as gratitude for their role in teamwork. If they’re the kind who appreciates privacy, send a birthday card with a special message discussing how you feel about working together and the help they’ve offered.


Appreciating workers for their role in the company’s growth shouldn’t be the employer’s responsibility only. Team members can also show gratitude towards a coworker. Whether for stepping in to solve a challenging task or bringing in new clients, team members have a responsibility to appreciate their workmates and recognize their roles. If you’re looking forward to appreciating your coworkers, consider the above-discussed ways for positive results.

By Manali