Did you know that only 8.8% of housing units in the United States lack air conditioning? In the past, air conditioners might have been considered a luxury.

But with summers getting hotter, they’re becoming essential. If you’re experiencing air conditioner problems, then you likely want to figure out a solution as soon as possible.

That’s why we made this guide. We’ll be covering three of the most common air conditioning problems as well as some solutions for them. That way, you can get the cool air that you deserve.

Let’s get started!

1. Clogged Filter

Dirty or clogged filters greatly reduce the amount of air that can flow through the unit. This not only makes them inefficient, but if it gets bad enough, it can even freeze the unit.

The easiest solution is just to replace the clogged filters. Make sure you’re changing this filter every one to two months. That way, it doesn’t become an issue when you need the air conditioning most.

Also, keep in mind that some filters are reusable. In these cases, you will need to clean the filter instead of changing it.

2. Glitchy Thermostat

Sometimes your home air conditioner might be fine, but it’s a glitchy thermostat that’s causing the problem. One way you can test this is by setting your thermostat to the lowest possible level.

If this system doesn’t start up, then the problem likely lies in the thermostat. Sometimes the fix requires a simple battery change.

Other times, you will need to bring in a professional to recalibrate the thermostat. If the thermostat is old enough, then you might need to replace it.

3. Leaky Refrigerant

Refrigerant coolant is an important part of turning hot air into cool air. If your system is leaking this refrigerant, then it’s not going to be efficient by any means.

Sealing the leak will usually require the help of a professional unless you’ve been trained. How much will it cost? It depends on the location of the refrigerant leak.

Avoiding Air Conditioning Problems

If you’ve been without cool air for a while, then you’re probably racking your brain on how to avoid air conditioner problems in the future. One thing you can do is get regular AC maintenance inspections on your system.

This will help professionals identify any problems before they become an issue. You should also consider upgrading to the best air conditioner on the market.

The most common reason for a broken air conditioner is either old age or cheap products. So, if you invest in a quality product, then it’s much less likely to break down when you need it.

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We hope this guide helped you learn some common air conditioner problems and fixes. Sadly, quite a few of these problems can’t be solved with DIY home fixes.

So, if you’ve tried everything, you will need to contact a repair professional. Either that or purchase a new air conditioner.

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By Manali