Ninety percent of US homes feature some form of air conditioning system. Despite this, few Americans know much about home temperature control beyond buying an AC unit and turning it on. 

Frequent maintenance should mean that this isn’t an issue most of the time. Although, it can come in handy to know a little about common HVAC problems and how to recognize them. 

Leaks, strange smells, and odd sounds coming from your unit aside, HVAC airflow problems are some of the most typical. But what are the signs that something is amiss with your airflow? And how can you fix these problems? Let’s take a look!

1. Uneven Heating or Cooling

Are there areas of your home that feel hotter or colder than the rest of the house? When your HVAC system’s airflow becomes compromised, it can no longer distribute air evenly across the entire space. This leaves certain spots and corners out of reach, meaning insufficient heating or cooling depending on the desired effect of your HVAC system at the time. 

Air duct problems can often be to blame, as an expert HVAC repair professional would verify and fix for you. Not sure where to find such a professional? Have a look here!

2. No Air Coming From Vents

One of the more obvious signs that you have an airflow problem is when there seems to be no air coming out of your vents. Anything from a loose fan belt to a broken motor could be to blame. But often, it could be as simple as a fan that’s overloaded with dirt. 

The fan controls the air that blows in and out of your vents. Dirty fans are less efficient at doing this, blocking the airflow as a result. If DIY home maintenance comes easily to you, you could try cleaning the fan yourself. Although, if the fan isn’t the cause, you’ll need to call in a trained HVAC professional. 

3. Doors Slamming By Themselves 

It’s not only surly adolescents and sudden breezes from open windows that can cause your home’s doors to slam.

When your HVAC system’s airflow isn’t working as it should, this can create a pressure imbalance. This imbalance then causes your HVAC unit to draw in and expel air in an irregular way, leading to doors slamming by themselves. You might also notice strange whistling sounds and hot air blowing from your unit.  

Since there can be many reasons for a pressure imbalance, it’s best to contact your HVAC repair team so they can take a look at what the issue could be. 

Recognizing the Signs of HVAC Airflow Problems 

As this quick guide shows, there are a few different signs of HVAC airflow problems to look out for. 

But, while knowing these signs can be useful, it’s also important to know that changing your filters and cleaning the vents in your home often can be effective ways of preventing these issues in the first place. 

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By Manali