Summer is right around the corner, and that means more time enjoying the outdoors and the company of friends and family.

If you’ve got some backyard party plans for the summer, your event won’t be complete without a few perfect items laying out on the grill.

Not sure what you should be cooking up? We have a few amazing BBQ ideas for summer that will be worth trying. No matter what kind of diet or appetite your summer cookout crowd has, we have something that is sure to hit the spot.

Read on and we’ll walk you through a few backyard BBQ ideas worth trying.

1. Spinach & Tomato Burgers

What would a backyard grill be like without burgers? This is a classic item, but it’s the variations and what you make it with that are really the key difference.

Mixing your burgers in with fresh, ripe tomatoes is going to provide the perfect addition, and spinach dip on top can help to take it all home. Trying to keep it as healthy as possible? Skip the bun and lay it out over grilled cabbage instead.

You’d be amazed at how much cutting out bread can do for your body.

Alternatively, you can look into turkey burgers for leaner meat, or explore some of the many available meat alternatives.

2. Jalapeno Chicken Drumsticks

Not sure what else to try on the grill this summer? As far as grilling recipes go, you can’t go wrong with the fan-favorite jalapeno chicken drumsticks.

Everyone loves drumsticks, but if you want them to go sailing off the plate, it’s all about the glaze or sauce you pair them with. Yes, hot sauce might be a standard choice, but why not swap that out for a more custom creation?

A jalapeno-based pepper glaze that you apply to the drumsticks yourself can help push this backyard recipe into the stratosphere. Just make sure your guests can handle a little kick!

3. Loaded Hot Dogs

Why mess with the classics? When it comes to backyard grilling, nothing hits the spot more than a few frankfurters.

The key is to have the full spread of options and add-ons available to your guests. First, you’ll need quality hot dogs. You can look at this product to see what a real quality frankfurter looks like.

In addition, you’ll want everything anyone could possibly want to throw on top. That means pickled onions, relish, potato chips, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and more.

Creating an attractive and easily accessible spread can help to please many at the BBQ with a relatively low cost per head.

The Best BBQ Ideas for Summer

If you’re looking to please guests this summer or be the star of your neighborhood block party, you’ll need to come prepared. The above BBQ ideas for summer can help to ensure you’re providing a memorable part of the summer season for everyone in your life.

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By Manali