Interest in grilling has grown since the pandemic, with sales reaching 39% higher than before.

People are getting outside and experimenting more with cooking. If you’ve started grilling or bought your first grill, the chances are you’ve got a propane grill. Gas grills are the most popular, so knowing how to use a propane grill is important to enjoy the experience.

Let’s break down how you can make delicious food and stay safe while grilling with propane.

The Fuel Tank

The fuel tank of a gas grill can sit underneath or beside it. The first step to grilling is to connect your propane grill to the propane canister. The way you do this is by locating on the propane container a nozzle and finding the hose which comes out of the bottom of your grill.

The hose will have a connector that slides onto the propane grill. Once this is done, make sure it is secure and tight, as you don’t want it falling off. You can then turn on the propane by turning the knob on top of the container.

On most portable propane grills there will also be a cutoff on the hose itself. Make sure both the canister and the hose are turned on, and then you can light the grill. This is step one in how to use a propane grill.

Start the Party

For modern propane grills, there will be a button that is often red that says “ignite” or “start”. Before you press that, make sure you’ve turned on the burners by using the knobs on the front of the grill. Once they are turned on, you can hit the ignition which will cause a spark, and light the burners.

Now that you’ve got the grill going, experiment with the burners by turning them up and down. You’ll want to find a good point where your food doesn’t burn but stays juicy and delicious. Once you’ve found that spot, close the lid and let the grill heat up while you go and get the food.

Methods of Cooking

From the largest grill to a small propane grill, you have options. If you put the food on the grill over the flame, this is called direct cooking. This method is great for items like steak or chicken, where you want high heat.

For some items, like larger cuts or tougher cuts of meat, you want to slow down the cooking. This involves placing the meat away from the burner and letting the ambient temperature in the grill do the work for you. This is known as indirect cooking.

Your Propane Grill

Don’t think that propane grills cost a fortune because they don’t. They are popular because they are the easiest and most convenient grills to use. You can find tons of options by looking for the best propane grills under $500.

How to Use a Propane Grill

Now that you know how to use a propane grill, don’t forget to turn off the propane canister when you’re done. You should also disconnect the hose and let it air out. Experiment with how you cook your food and come up with exciting and delicious dishes for your family.

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By Manali