Dorothy was quite right when she exclaimed: “there’s no place like home.” It’s our haven, our castle, our safe retreat from the world during lockdowns, and a place where we form our most profound and happiest memories.

So it deserves some love and attention. And a little bit of luxury too. 

But good luxury home purchases take a little bit of planning. After all, you don’t want to get it wrong! So to help you, we’ve put together this short guide on the three must-know tips when buying luxury home furniture.  

1. Measure up for Investment Furniture

Getting the luxury look right means choosing a prominent investment piece that will take center stage in your room.

Dimensions are essential here. You want to make a statement without your furniture looking oversized. Before you start shopping, measure up your living space.

Maybe you are thinking about furniture for a new home purchase. In which case, check the room dimensions of your new house on the real estate website. Click here to browse some of the latest luxury homes. 

It’s also worth visualizing what the furniture will look like in your room. Many apps use virtual reality technology to help you see if furniture placement looks perfect. Houzz and MagicPlan are two of the best.

Don’t forget to check all furniture dimensions on the store website, including depth, height, and width.

And a final helpful tip: remember that you’ll need to get that furniture from your front door to your room. You might need to measure door frames and hallways too! 

2. Go Bold With Color

One of the advantages of buying luxury furnishings is the high-end finish and styling. That means you don’t have to take a conservative approach to the style you choose. 

One way to put some personality into your choice of furnishings is to go for a splash of color. Think about mixing a bright-colored sofa with a neutral, minimalist interior.

That works well with designer furniture because the color brings attention to the beautiful craftsmanship of the piece.

When buying luxury furniture, look online for some color ideas and, if you can, get some color samples from the furniture store before making your final decision. 

3. Do Your Research

Luxury furnishings might be in the higher price bracket, but that doesn’t mean that everything in that price bracket is luxury or designer. Use online reviews and testimonials to get a feel for the furniture store and its reputation.

Search other places online for recommendations, too. The most obvious source for advice is interior design blogs. Still, you’ll also get some great recommendations from influencers on places like Instagram. 

Write down a shortlist of your favorite stores and link to any of your favorite furniture items before making your final selection.

You might find it helpful to print out some pictures and put them on a coffee table to compare side by side. And get family members’ opinions too. They’ll probably have some helpful thoughts before you choose your perfect piece.

Get the Perfect Luxury Home Furniture

Luxury home furniture for your house is an investment as much as a necessity. You have one opportunity to get your choice right, so take the time and do plenty of research (and avoid an impulse buy).

Don’t forget to look through some of our latest articles for other interior design tips before you go.

By Manali