Today, it has become very essential for the top warehousing companies in India to prioritize the area that is providing them the most value. While reevaluating their processes, businesses should ensure that they include it in their ‘must-do’ category due to continuous uncertainty. This way, they can adverse risks as well as save costs. 

They should also innovate themselves constantly so that they can keep up with the changing consumer demands, especially when online sales are increasing each year. Furthermore, getting your fulfillment process accurate is simultaneously significant as it will save the organization from spending more money, save your reputation, and makes customers loyal. 

As a result, this rises the question, “Are we seeing a new trend in warehousing, and how they are going to solve all the logistics problems?’

Let’s look at the blog to get the answer to this question.  

Overview On-Demand Warehousing

On-demand warehousing is a model that enables companies with excess space in the warehouse to offer someone who needs the space for storing their inventory. Large organizations with additional space or new warehouse providers who want to expand their services in a tumultuous market are two of the leading providers of this warehousing. 

They provide tremendous features and functionality to their users. Moreover, the dynamic nature of online shopping and eCommerce popularity has made it more viable for companies. 

Pros and Cons Of On-Demand Warehousing


  • It is considered a considerable opportunity for testing a 3PL fulfillment process on a smaller scale. 
  • It aids in understanding the size and scale of a more permanent warehousing solution. 
  • It provides an insight into the distributor reaching your customer faster and where money can be saved efficiently. 


  • When you work in an on-demand warehousing marketplace, you tend to deal with multiple companies and locations. It can lead to an increase in risk, error, inconsistency, and delay. 
  • Since you are sharing the warehouse space with other companies, there are chances that the particular company will prioritize its sales order. 

Overview of 3PL Logistics

3pl logistics companies in India are the one that focuses on outsourcing logistics services. It involves managing one or more facets of procurement and fulfillment activities. With the help of this warehousing model, you can achieve everything as they provide you with the tools and infrastructure to automate refill order fulfillment. 

Pros and Cons of 3PL Logistics 


  • It is considered a more stable and predictable option. 
  • They are designed in a way that they can manage multiple clients and fulfill both the companies’ and customers’ needs. 
  • It has sturdy and long-lasting relationships with the organization. 


  • It tends to have a minimum inventory size requirement.
  • In 3pl logistics companies in India, you need to enter into a longer contract.  


When it comes to choosing the best solution, no single solution is better as it can fill distinct roles and needs. Both the solutions have great and no-so great benefits. However, to keep up with the needs and demands of your customer, it is essential to find a solution that works specifically to meet the needs of your company. Therefore, choose the solution that helps you save money, deliver speed, and meet your demand to be dynamic and flexible. 

By Manali