No matter how many house ideas you pin or home magazines you read, it’s virtually impossible to fully visualize a space until you begin putting it together. Most of us are not interior designers. 

We are, however, spending more time at home than we have in decades. Perhaps that’s why the global home decor market is expected to grow 3.9% between 2021 and 2027.

So, where do you begin when you’re designing and decorating the inside of a house?

We have put together 4 key tips to help you design the home of your dreams!

#1. Define Your Budget

If you’re hiring an architect to help build a home, you will need to factor in their fees, as well as the cost of permits, inspections, HVAC, plumbing and electrical, foundation, framing, finishes, and landscaping. 

If you plan on building any home additions in the near future, like a deck, a shed, or a garage. If you have your heart set on some landscaping, you will need to build that into your budget too.

Decorating doesn’t need to break the bank. Experts say your bed and your couch are items you should spend the most on because they are the heaviest and end up being focal points. Mix your big-ticket items in with DIY decor and low-cost items.

Finally, you will need to leave a small reserve fund for unexpected fees that can arise throughout the process.

#2. Pick a Style

Choosing a style is important because it will create a sense of unity and harmony within your home. Begin by thinking about the type of home you would like to have. Will your home be modern or traditional?

Next, hone in on an architectural style. This will help you curate the right items for your home.

#3. Lighting Inside of a House

Bad lighting can completely ruin a space, so take time to think about your lighting. Hang chandeliers at a level that provides proper lighting to the room. Use tall floor lamps, when necessary. 

Also, think about the positioning of your windows. What kind of natural light will you get? How will that impact your energy savings? 

When it comes to designing a house you love, the right lighting is crucial.

#4. Designing a House That Fits Your Lifestyle

The most important thing to consider in your home is your lifestyle. 

How many people will be living there? Where do you spend the majority of your time together? Will you be working from home?

Will there be connecting rooms? Maybe your master bedroom has this beautiful washroom you can’t get your mind off of.

Your home should reflect your life. Your decorating should work in pieces that have sentimental value and represent a balance between clean design and a space that is happily lived in.

Simplifying Home Design 

Designing a space you love shouldn’t feel taxing.

Thankfully, these 4 tips for designing the inside of a house can help you create a space you enjoy—and even increase the overall value of a home.

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By Manali