We all know that one person.

The one who seems to love their cars more than they seem to love people.

The ones who wouldn’t get out of bed if their life depended on it but will clearly spend hours scrubbing their windshield

In the middle of a dinner conversation you’ll find them scrolling through the internet looking at racing videos.

And even though it drives you crazy, you’d still kill to find them the perfect gift on your anniversary (or birthday is it?)

Well, we have the perfect gifting ideas for them- car accessories.

We’ve curated a list of some useful and cool car accessories they’d surely love-


Decorative Air Freshener

If one were to picture their car, they’d undeniably think of every little thing that makes the car “theirs”, especially the little figurines, toys or air freshener on the dashboard.

Getting decorative air fresheners is like hitting two birds with one stone. It’s a car accessory that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

There’s a wide range of fragrances to choose from online- whether you want a floral smell or a musky one.

These can be attached to your dashboard easily and hence make a great gift if you’re inclined towards car accessories.


Car Jewelry

Everyone loves a little something to personalize their car and what’s a better car accessory than car jewelry for your rearview mirror.

You can pick something funky, fuzzy or something made of oxidized metal or stone to compliment the colors on your car.

This is really a great gift for any car owner but especially for car lovers!


Car Keychains

Why not show your car some love even when you aren’t in it? That’s right! We’re talking about fancy and elegant keychains that make it easier to find your keys and look cool when you carry them.

We’d suggest some Personalized Car keychains would look great for anyone, working professionals and teenagers or men and women, alike. This is because it easily doubles down as an attractive fashion accessory.

This customized keychain is an absolute must-have car accessory!


Sun Visors

One of the most needed car accessories, sun visors make for very good gifts as well. They tend to be favorites among road travelers and commuters as it helps them beat the heat and feel more comfortable while driving.

This is a practical gift that everyone can appreciate.


Healthy Neck and Back Rest

If your close ones spend too much time in the car, they have to spend a lot of time in the same uncomfortable position. It can give them back, shoulder or neck pain.

Getting quality neck and back rest for your car can help you solve this problem. It’s an extremely sought after car accessory and makes for a very thoughtful gift.

It is known to help people with arthritis, pregnancy discomfort, numbness and fatigue.

I’m sure that anyone who receives them will appreciate the gesture and thank you every time they enjoy a long ride. Pain free.


Car Chargers

What are we without our cars and devices, am I right?

Jokes aside, a car charger is never a bad idea. One of the most practical and widely used car accessories, car chargers are a boon for travelers covering a long distance. Its affordable, convenient and is very practical.

What’s there not to like?

Car accessories are a great way to personalize the vehicle and add elements that you can appreciate. These car accessories are the most popular, convenient and make for very good gifts for one and all. So if you’re confused about what to give your friends on a special occasion, look for these!

By Manali