As the second-largest state in the country, Texas is a place that offers it all. Whether you’re looking for small-town charm, big-city entertainment, or rolling farmland, the Lone Star state has something for everyone.

You’ve watched a Dallas Cowboys or Texas Rangers game, you’ve been to Austin City Limits, and maybe you’re even known to wear a pair of cowboy boots from time to time. But do you truly know what makes Texas so great?

If you’re planning a move or are interested in finding a new place to call home, this guide is for you. Here are five reasons why moving to Texas should be at the top of your to-do list.

1. Job Opportunities

Many well-known large corporations and Fortune 500 companies have created a presence for themselves in Texas over the past few years. This means there are tons of job opportunities, especially in cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

Unemployment in Texas has decreased since the beginning of the pandemic, and the rise in available jobs tends to come with good salary options too.

2. No Income Tax

If you’re living in Texas, you get to enjoy a helpful perk: you don’t have to pay state income taxes.

There are only eight other states like this in the country. Instead of relying on people’s income taxes, Texas uses sale and property taxes to pay for necessary programs, construction, and other economic essentials.

3. Affordable Living

Over 60% of Texas homes cost $261,000 or less, which is significantly less than the national average. If you’re looking for a place that’s affordable without compromising on size and quality, Texas is a great option.

There are affordable living options all across the state, whether you’re looking for small-town life or big-city excitement. Many of the apartment options offer top-notch amenities as well, like the Fountains Apartments in North Dallas.

4. Tasty Food

It wouldn’t be right not to mention Texas’s delicious drinks and famous food traditions on this list.

While they’re best known for their BBQ and Tex-Mex, Texans also boast great margaritas, chili, brisket, and jalapeño cornbread, among other tasty treats. If you’re a food lover, Texas meals are waiting for you.

5. Warm Weather

One of the many reasons to move to Texas is its beautiful southern weather.

While the summers do get hot and humid, the rest of the year tends to be warm and sunny. If you’re tired of cold and dreary winters and are ready to swap your heavy coats for something lighter, heading to Texas could be just right for you.

Make Moving to Texas Your Next Big Adventure

Ready to live somewhere with a unique culture, delicious food, and excellent job prospects? It’s time to get packing. Moving to Texas to enjoy the warm weather (plus great sports and entertainment!) could lead to a whole new world of opportunities.

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By Manali