A home’s value is a massive asset when buying or selling a home. In fact, homes with better curb appeal sell for 7% more than comparable homes in the area. 

Sadly, some homeowners don’t understand how to improve curb appeal at all. 

Knowing some simple tips can bring more interest and quality to your home. 

Keep reading to learn about some helpful ideas to improve your home’s curb appeal today! 

1. Landscaping

When wondering how to add curb appeal, you should always start with landscaping. Landscaping plays a huge part in your home’s first impression. Poor landscaping can cause the house to look old, dirty, or bland. 

Cutting the lawn, limbs, and bushes can go a long way to elevating the look. After the initial lawn maintenance is done, you can move on to other improvements.

For example, adding flowers can make your exterior more vibrant and inviting. Remember, you can always hire a landscaping company to help with lawn care. 

2. Paint

Dull or old paint can drastically bring down your home’s curb appeal. Changing the paint scheme is an excellent way to get low-maintenance front yard curb appeal.

Try brightening up your home’s paint to stand out against others on the block. This will make your home the focal point as everyone’s attention is caught by it. 

Another way to add color is to paint your front door. Vibrant front doors are very much in style and are an easy way to pique attention. Popular front door colors include shades of red and blue.

3. Fencing

Most homes have fences that separate the lawn. However, fences often fade quickly, get worn down, or fall over time. If your fence has similar issues, it may be time to fix it. 

Fencing can come in many options like wood, chain link, tin, etc. You must decide which option is best for your household’s needs, such as an Amico high security fence. Then you can further customize it with colors, designs, etc. 

4. Cleaning

Cleaning your home’s exterior goes a long way for curb appeal. A dirty or cluttered home can have negative visual impacts. Therefore, tidying up is crucial when you want an overall pleasing aesthetic. 

Always ensure your areas are clear of debris, toys, tools, etc. This also means you should be raking up any leaves and cleaning up after pets as well. 

Pests will often cause uprooting and messes within the yard. Control services can help rid your property of any pests to prevent further messes. Many websites like Holmesutah.com offer free quotes for pest and yard services.

5. Lights

At night, curb appeal usually doesn’t come into consideration since it’s mostly dark. However, you can add lighting to accentuate your home during the night. Lights will help your home shine and become visually pleasing for anyone in the neighborhood. 

Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home 

Any of these ideas will help better your home’s curb appeal and elevate it overall. 

You’ll soon be reaping the benefits of these simple improvements in no time. 

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By Manali