Did you know that children only spend about 10% of their time each week doing leisure activities?

Aside from school and sleep, leisure and play are essential for development and need to be prioritized.

If you want to help your child, you should consider designing their room into a place for freedom and exploration.

Keep reading if you want to learn about some of the best kids’ bedroom ideas that will keep your child’s imagination active!

1. Out of This World

One of the best kids’ bedroom ideas is space, which is literally out of this world!

Not only can you put sticky glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling or get a star projector, but you can also incorporate more. If your child is interested in space and you want to invest in their passion, you can install a skylight for them to watch the sky each night.

Dark blue, yellow, and white are common colors used. You can even make a portion of the room dark and the other in sunlight.

2. Forest Theme

If you want a kids’ bedroom design that is outdoorsy and nature-inspired, you should think of the forest.

Shades of dark green mixed with pops of color can bring out some of the most beautiful features in the woods. Mountains and pine trees are often used as decor in a forest-themed room. You can also include pictures of animals and wildlife in the room.

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3. Studious

Coming up with fun kids’ bedroom designs for your bookworm child can be challenging.

If your kid always has their head in a book and loves to learn, let that be the inspiration for their room! You can hang up maps of the world, add a chalkboard wall, and plenty of shelving for books.

This is a great way to get your child more excited about learning, which will expand their curiosity.

4. Bright & Colorful

When you and your child can’t decide on a kids’ room wall design, why not pick multiple colors?

Pick a few of your child’s favorite colors and incorporate them into the room. For example, if your daughter loves pink and purple, get bedsheets, photos, and other decorations in this color.

Rainbow rooms are also popular since you can use the sunshine, rain, and clouds in the room too.

5. Montessori Style

The best way to get your child independent is to let them explore the world around them.

A Montessori-style room supports this goal by limiting restrictions and making the bed and furniture easy to use without help. You can leave their mattress on the floor or get a custom one and ensure that all of the things within reaching distance are playable.

Children shouldn’t get into trouble for exploring areas of their room. This means that the special things should get kept aside until the little one is ready. Playscapes and climbing mats are perfect for bedrooms like this.

Try These Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

Identifying your child’s interests will help you determine the best kids’ bedroom ideas.

Whether your child always has their eyes on space or love the forest, you can get inspiration for their bedroom. Making their bedroom more comfortable and playful will help them develop and improve mental health.

Don’t be afraid to try the Montessori style, it looks great when you add bright colors too.

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By Manali