There were over 71,000 new fitness and health apps created in 2020 alone. As such, there has never been a better time to get in shape. In today’s technology-fueled landscape, you have access to create a personalized health plan to get you on track to living a healthy life.

So how do you get started?

The first step is to discover how your body mass breaks down. Body composition analysis leads to a variety of benefits including exercise that fits your schedule and conditions as well as a myriad of health benefits.

Continue reading to understand how your body mass influences your health. Here are 5 reasons why body composition analysis is important.

Create an Individualized Health Plan

With an accurate body composition analysis, you can properly build a health plan that is customized for you. body composition is different for everyone, and the aspects of life can affect the way you metabolize energy. You want a plan that fits not only fits your schedule but benefits the conditions of your body.

It’s not enough to follow a generalized exercise routine. Depending on your current physical and mental situation, you may want to focus on specific areas such as diet, strength, endurance, or even rehabilitation. With the ways we see technology shaping wellness, you can easily create health plans that are personal to you.

Target the Right Fat

Without a proper body composition analysis, you may have difficulty knowing which fat to target. In many cases, a healthy level of fat protects your body from permanent damage and provides energy to your muscles.

However, an excess of visceral fat can damage organs and inflame body tissue, causing your blood pressure to go up. Having a health plan that targets excess visceral fat may offer substantial health benefits.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Following an individualized health plan will help keep you focused. A plan that is easy to follow will lead to maximized results and increased physical health.

A few weeks on a dedicated plan will show physical changes. You’ll feel stronger, move easier, and have stronger breaths. All of these attribute to healthy self-esteem, which compounds and propels you forward on your health plan.

Reduce the Risk of Disease and Cancer

An excess of visceral fat can build up around your organs and veins. This complicates blood from flowing smoothly through your body and leads to a variety of diseases and cancer.

Regular exercise challenges your heart to pump more blood throughout your body. This helps your immune system target risky diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

More Energy

Because your heart pumps oxygen to your body through blood, your cardiovascular system will work optimally. when your muscles and organs have plenty of oxygen, they metabolize calories into energy easier.

A worked body is trained to receive and utilize more oxygen, so regular exercise will lead to your body creating more energy.

More Information on Body Composition Analysis

Your body mass composition is critical to understanding the limitations of your exercise plan. A proper body composition analysis allows you to work within your limitations and prevent injury.

For more reading on how to exercise to your limitations, as well as other beneficial health topics, check out our Health section.

By Manali