The way people work has transformed a lot as a result of COVID-19. With more businesses preferring remote work, virtual office space is a cost-effective solution for teams to interact, both virtually and even face to face, share presentations, and collaborate – irrespective of location.

A virtual office is a workplace that provides a physical business address and office-related services to businesses or individuals with short-term lease agreements and is supported by administrative employees. A virtual office allows workers to work from anywhere while still having access to services such as a mailing and courier management, reception and phone answering services and access to conference rooms.

Here are some reasons why you should consider virtual office:

  • Lower cost

Budget or lower expenditure may be a major reason why many businesses choose a virtual office. Switching to a virtual office can save you a substantial amount of money such that you can allocate your budget accordingly towards rent, utilities, furniture, equipment, and other miscellaneous office expenses. The only thing you’ll have to pay for is your virtual office service plan, which would be less than the cost of running a traditional, physical office and industrial valve manufacturer.

Virtual office spaces provide the benefit of having a fully equipped office without incurring any administrative cost in putting up the hardware for the desk, the phone, or the postal address. This is because the administration team of the coworking office space providers handles all of these details. In contrast, when a firm rents a location, the business owners take care of all other issues, including daily administrative chores, in addition to the large rental fee that is paid. A virtual office is significantly cost-effective and incurs no such extra fees. Furthermore, you are not saddled with everyday administrative responsibilities or incurring any overheads. Thus, the advantage of cost reduction is an important component for the benefit of your company.

  • Workplace Enhances Business Professionalism and Credibility

Having a physical company location in prime business hubs on your business cards builds confidence with prospects and clients. It boosts your company’s business image and enhances professionalism and trustworthiness, as well as makes you more approachable. Choosing a virtual office location in premium locations and well-known areas relevant to your organisation adds to a professional image of your company. If you are a digital firm, using a virtual address in a place dominated by IT/ITES companies may boost your reputation as a tech company and project the perfect picture to your clients and employees alike. The benefit of a virtual office is that you may have a reputed company address in the city and operate from your home while preserving credibility and reputation.

  • Increases the talent acquisition

Instead of seeking out employees locally, with the help of a virtual office address, you may now look for the best employees across a larger area, say, in your state or even the nation. This might extend to other countries as well, provided you’re ready to work across several time zones. Having a virtual office also broadens your pool of possible workers to include people who work freelance or choose to work from home rather than going to a real office.

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction and Productivity

When you operate in a physical office, outside variables such as a traffic accident, rush hour, or severe weather conditions may have a significant impact on both your workplace and your workers’ ability to go to work. Virtual office solutions are excellent for enhancing employee satisfaction since they allow workers to work from home, save money on commuting, eliminate travel time, and ultimately have more flexibility in work-life balance. With the benefit of flexible work, your employees would work with more engagement, ultimately resulting in increasing productivity and even efficiency of the work.

In regular offices employees may not spend as much time working. The question that always bothers the employer is which is more important: the quantity of time spent working or the outcomes of work? Why should an employee spend an hour on a task if they can finish it in 20 minutes? So, you see how having a virtual office eventually reduces busywork done only to fill hours and ensures that your firm is focused on what truly matters: results!

  • Access to Workstation and Conference room

The advantages of using a virtual office go beyond merely having access to a physical office address. You will also get access to workstations as well as office facilities located in other centres across different cities where your coworking office space provider has business centres. The virtual office package includes access to stylish and fully equipped meeting rooms, conference rooms, mail processing services, and skilled receptionists.

 In a nutshell

iKeva, a reliable name in coworking office space solutions, provides virtual office space along with a variety of amenities such as professional mail and courier management, 24×7 access to office addresses in major business centres in major cities, and complimentary access to meeting rooms and coworking desk space. Furthermore, the professional team of iKeva provides support at every stage of the process, making booking of a virtual office in Bangalore a breeze.

By Manali