Your home is your personal space. This is where you spend the maximum amount of time with your family, friends, and, more importantly, with yourself. As such, when you return home after your office, it should provide you with harmony. Your living room should also be able to exhibit positive energy so that you feel happy, rejuvenated, and in your element. 

Here you will learn about certain important Vastu tips to help improve the positive energy in your personal space. 

1. Vastu-compliant Wall Paint

The living room is the largest room in a house. It is also the space where you spend maximum time forming better bonds, interacting, and enjoying with others. That is why the living room wall paint colors should radiate enough positivity whenever you are there. For this purpose, it makes sense to consider Vastu-compliant wall paint for this space. Bright hues with a touch of nature are the best picks for the living area. These are aesthetically pleasing and reflect a sense of calmness throughout the home. 

2. Include Enough Greens 

Plants are known for reflecting positive energy and harmony throughout the home. Some plants are even excellent air purifiers that can work successfully towards enhancing positive energy in the home. What’s more intriguing is that these plants are very easy to maintain, make your home look beautiful, and add to the home’s aura. Plants can also act as one of the best interior pieces for your home and are bound to go well with any living room wall painting

3. Cleanliness Is Everything 

One of the most important Vastu tips would be to encourage sufficient cleanliness in your home. Vastu experts suggest that an unclean home might block or make the positive energy in your home stagnant. The tidier the home, the more positive energy you are likely to welcome into your space. 

Clutter-free spaces also encourage peace of mind as they lift the burden of catering to other household chores during the weekends. This will also make your home more guest-friendly and reflect a sense of invitation to everyone. This way, you can improve your social skills and make the most of the energy your clean home offers. 

4. Well-Lit Spaces Are A Must

According to Vastu, sufficient light in your home can also help speed up the arrival of positive energy in your space. So, ensure your home is well-lit with a Chandelier at the focal point of your living room. Vastu also suggests that a Chandelier must be included in your living room as per the size it can fit. This helps encourage mental balance too. 

5. Keep North-East Minimalistic 

The North-eastern direction of your home must be as minimalistic as possible. This is because this direction is the home of Lord Shiva, the destroyer of the Universe. Also, according to Vedic astrology, this is the space wherein Jupiter exists and symbolizes growth. As such, giving both spaces enough legroom is crucial so they can act in your favor. 

Focus on these important Vastu tips to see positive energy filling your personal space. We promise; it will help you say “goodbye” to several life problems at once. 

By Manali