Did you know there were 193,073 breast augmentation procedures performed in 2020? Have you been considering this surgery? Keep reading if you’ve been asking yourself what occurs during breast augmentation.

In this guide, you’ll learn all about the questions to ask potential surgeons. Find out more about post-surgery and even about breast augmentation revision.

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1. Ask the Surgeon These Kinds of Questions

When you narrow down your list of possible plastic surgeons, write down or type out a list of questions.

During your first consultation, the surgeon should ease your worries. They should have no difficulty explaining the surgery and clarifying confusing terms. They will also guide you through post-surgery.

You should ask the surgeon what you should expect during recovery. Ask for the incision or technique they will use during the surgery. What’s the estimated price of cosmetic surgery?

2. Expect Some Discomfort During Recovery

Recovering from implant surgery may not take as long as other plastic surgeries.

Some people report their breasts feeling hot or heavier. Yet, you will experience some pain and discomfort. At different stages of recovery, your breasts will feel tender, swollen, or itchy.

The symptoms will show up during the first few days after the procedure. After five days or so, people report their symptoms to begin to lessen.

Most breast augmentation patients will return to their daily activities within two weeks.

You might be wondering what factors can affect the recovery process. Recovery’s impacted by the incision placement. It’s also affected by the size of the implant compared to your natural breast tissue.

Your plastic surgeon will go over detailed information about aftercare and your recovery. Make sure you follow their recommended rules. Your surgeon will provide you with an aftercare routine to help you heal well.

Call your surgeon’s office if you’re wondering if you’re experiencing a complication.

3. Try Not to Get Frustrated

Your initial healing process will last a few weeks. Yet, it could take six months for your breast implants to settle. Don’t worry if your implants don’t appear natural during these initial months.

Some people report the implants sitting higher on their chest than they thought. Others say their new implants feel tighter or even solid.

Your body will adjust to the surgery. As time passes, the implants will drop into the natural pocket in your breast tissue.

Most patients will return to lighter daily activities within two weeks. After six weeks, people might start upper body exercises and other intensive activities.

After six months, you may begin to take before and after photographs. In one year, the scars tend to fade.

Over time, your breast implants will begin to feel more natural and yours. Your cosmetic surgeon will also track your progress to ensure you’re healing up well. Don’t miss your follow-up appointments.

4. Adjust to Your New Breast Size

Larger breast implants will change the physical and aesthetic appearance of your body.

Most people only experience their bodies changing and growing as they age. With a breast implant, a sudden shift is exciting but different.

It’s normal to feel unsure about your breasts after the surgery. You will get new bras and wear appropriate supportive fitness wear during exercise.

Prepare to learn how to accept a new comfort level with your body. Try on different shirts and dresses that suit your new body shape.

5. What About Revision Surgery?

Breast augmentation tends to provide high customer satisfaction.

Yet, some people don’t like their breast implants or someday want to change their appearance. Some patients might not feel comfortable with the results.

Some people will get revision surgery to reposition or remove the implants. Others will want to get a revision done to improve the symmetry.

You could get a revision surgery to change your implants to a different style or size. Learn more about the process by talking to a surgeon, or checking out drpfeifer.com.

Did you know most implants will need to get replaced after 15 years? Your surgeon will talk about the safest result of your breast augmentation. You’ll learn how to monitor them over the years.

6. Pick an Excellent Cosmetic Surgeon

Finally, once you’re sure about moving forward with this process, you need to find a reputable surgeon. Work with a surgeon you feel comfortable with and has years of experience in the industry.

Cosmetic surgeons should have a license to practice medicine in your state. They should also have board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.

Find out where the surgeon performs the surgeries. Is it at an accredited surgical center or hospital? Try to read reviews. Make sure you check out the three-star reviews. These will provide helpful insight into the pros and cons.

They should have plenty of experience performing breast augmentation surgeries. Pick someone who puts you at ease, has excellent bedside manners and makes you feel respected.

Understanding the Process of Getting Breast Implants

Did you find this breast implant surgery guide helpful? Getting breast implants is an exciting commitment.

You want to understand the post-surgery recovery process and what will impact it. Find a reputable and board-certified plastic surgeon who puts you at ease.

Remember that you could seek revision surgery if you ever wanted to change something.

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By Manali