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Most potential customers’ first interaction with your business will be via your website. So, you must make a positive first impression. It could be the difference between returning or never coming back.

So you have managed to design a fantastic website. The colors, images, and layout are just perfect. That’s wonderful! You may have managed to keep a visitor on your site for longer.

But you still need to keep them long enough to convert them from a visitor into a customer or client. That’s where your “team page” can help.

Do you need the inspiration to build your team page? We share our expert tips for creating a team page for your business website below!

Why You Need a Team Page for Your Company Website

An engaging team page will:

  • Help potential clients understand the value of your services by highlighting your team’s expertise.
  • Create trust by highlighting your team’s experience, achievements, and testimonials from past clients.
  • Build a connection by showcasing your team’s personality

6 Tips for Creating a Team Page for Your Company Website

1. Keep It Simple

In an effort to impress, you may want to overcomplicate things and overload your team page with irrelevant information. This will only distract from your primary mission of turning visitors into customers.

The focus should remain on highlighting your team’s expertise and credentials. So keep your team page professional and succinct by only including relevant information.

2. Include Team Photos and Personalities

Photos will help humanize your team and build trust with your audience. Don’t just stick to headshots! If possible, include pictures of your team relaxing or having fun.

Potential customers will be able to connect better with your team and see them as real people they can trust. Check this page out, for example.

3. Write an Engaging Bio or Summary

Your bio should inspire and compel visitors to get in touch and learn more. So keep it short and simple – no more than two to three short paragraphs.

Remember to include a call to action at the end so visitors will know what to do next! Place this on your “Contact Us” page, a sidebar, or an image link.

4. Showcase Your Work and Achievements

The most valuable marketing tool you have is your past work and testimonials from past clients.

Prospective clients should be able to see how your services can help solve their problems and overcome challenges.

So, showcase your past work and explain the benefits of your services. Include case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients to boost this even further!

5. Link to Your Team’s Social Profiles

Showcasing your team’s personality and building trust with your audience is great, but you want visitors to connect with your team too!

So, link to your team members’ social media profiles so visitors can see who they are and what they do outside of work. This will help build connections and encourage engagement.

6. Optimize for SEO

Take every opportunity to maximize the results of your marketing efforts by optimizing your web pages for SEO. Yes, this includes your team page! By optimizing your web pages for SEO, you will be able to attract more traffic to your website and gain a better online presence for your brand.

Follow these six tips to create a perfect team page for your company website and watch your leads and sales increase.

By Manali