Vacationing is a fun thing, but during the pandemic, you need to be careful in planning your trip. Especially when you are on vacation with the elderly. You need to pay attention to vacation destinations and some things so that your parents can vacation comfortably.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the hotel to stay for a few days during the holidays so that your parents can rest comfortably. You can see some hotel recommendations in Traveloka, and one of the recommended hotels is Geylang Hotel. And before taking a vacation, you also need to consider a few things. We then summarize some tips for vacation with the elderly, here.

  • Pay attention to the weather forecasts

One of the tips for vacationing with the elderly is you need to pay attention to the weather forecast. Especially when you go to a place that has winter. You better take a vacation in the summer because you only need to prepare summer clothes without the need to bring a thick jacket.

Also pay attention to the weather forecast, if it will rain then it is necessary to prepare an umbrella. Some hotels provide umbrellas for each guest, so you don’t have to worry.

  • Pay attention to the transportation

In addition to the weather forecast, you also need to pay attention to transportation. You need to adjust the vehicle to the health condition of your parents. The sooner, the better. You can use the plane because it only takes 1 to 2 hours,

If the distance between the hotel and the airport is far enough, you can use the airport train which only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. However, before that, you also need to discuss this with your parents whether they are comfortable using the vehicle you choose. Their comfort is a priority.

  • Discuss the destination

The other tips for vacation with the elderly are to discuss the destination. You need to discuss the destination with them before writing down the list. Because mostly, the elderly just want to stay at home. So, to force them to go somewhere they don’t want to, is a no-no.

Well, kindly ask them the destination they want to go to, or some elderly want to go to the village or their hometown. So, adjust the destination that makes them comfortable.

  • Avoid mainstream tourist attractions

Also, You need to avoid mainstream tourist attractions. Since the mainstream attractions will be very crowded with tourists. They may not be comfortable in a comfortable place and will get tired easily.

In Particular, you will find it hard to find a restroom since there are many visitors to that attraction. You can bring them to the museum or hidden gem attractions. Such a tourist attraction will probably make them calm while remembering history. Another tip is to take them to a beach that is quiet enough so that they can breathe fresh air while enjoying the beauty of the waves.

You can stay in a hotel close to your destination attraction, and one of the hotels close to the attraction is ibis budget Singapore Ruby. So you don’t have to go far.

  • Pay attention to distance and stairs

You also need to pay attention to the distance and stairs contained in your destination. Because this will make it difficult for them. You need to pay attention to the health and physical strength of those who are unable to walk far.

You can choose attractions such as merlion parks, or lakesides that make them comfortable. You can read reviews of each attraction through Traveloka or see the details on their website.

  • Discuss the restaurants

In addition to attractions, you also need to discuss the restaurant of your choice with them. Since you are on vacation with them to make them happy, then you also need to consider their wishes.

Discuss the restaurants they like or the menu of dishes they want. It is also a fun thing for them on vacation because they can enjoy their favorite food.

Well, those are the tips for vacation with the elderly for their safety and their comfort. Make them comfortable and happy by discussing your destination and holiday planning with them. For other tips, you can also stay at the hotel which can make your parents feel comfortable and pampered with their facilities. You can book hotels and tourist tickets on one Traveloka website and get attractive promo offers. Happy holidays~

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By Manali