If you ever visit the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand, people always recommend visiting the beautiful town, Kalsi. It is a small village located at the outskirts of Dehradun. Kalsi is the best place for those who love exploring historical monuments and other architectural marvels. Surprisingly, it is the home to Emperor Ashoka’s historical rock edicts. The architectural remains make it an attractive tourist destination.

Being a culture and heritage site enthusiast, I accompanied my friends to Kalsi for sightseeing and was mesmerised by its beauty. We managed to book a car on rent in Dehradun, which was at our service within minutes.

Grammable homestays in Kalsi

Kalsi is the home to many beautiful homestays having all the necessary amenities available to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. We decided to visit all the places of historical importance in Kalsi and make this journey a memorable trip for us. That made us experience the hospitality of multiple homestays in a week. Every place that we visited was most definitely Instagrammable but there were a few homestays that stood out for us. If you are a social media lover, check out the following homestays that we found grammable.

  • Villotale Nagthat HP

If you love capturing hilltop views, Villotale is the perfect place for travellers. We visited this vintage-themed homestay that made us feel like we were on top of heaven with majestic views. From plush balconies to trekking activities, this is a grammable homestay! We enjoyed the sweeping views of the surrounding hills from every corner of this property. They also host on-site board games and outdoor activities for the tourists.

  • Villotale Nagthat RH

Next, we visited this homestay which is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If the sky is clear, you will also get a mesmerising view of the Himalayas from the balcony. It made for a perfect weekend getaway for me as I was looking for some calm and serene ambiance. It is in Nagthat, a small and pristine village located on the lap of the beautiful Himalayas.

  • Villotale Nagthat FP

We were mesmerised after visiting this homestay which boasts four double rooms having all the modern-day amenities. The view from the rooms mesmerised me daily while I was there for my extended holidays in Kalsi. The hosts have their own farm and they were kind enough to let us go and pick some green vegetables and fruits. We also took a walk down the road near the homestay and visited a beautiful nearby village.

  • Dandelion by the hills

It is a small, cosy homestay located by the hills and is famous for its nearby picturesque locations. We felt like getting to enjoy the beauty of Uttarakhand by climbing atop the terrace and from the balconies. This beautiful homestay is nestled in the serene Yamuna valley and is 25 km away from Kempty Falls, Mussoorie.

Dandelion by the Hills was our last stop in Kalsi. We booked a cab using a top-rated car rental app, and took off for our next destination. While there are many places for sightseeing in Dehradun, Kalsi remains one of the most underrated destinations.

My friends and I were not only mesmerised by the town’s beauty but also extended our stay there to enjoy its serene surroundings. If you are planning to visit Kalsi, make sure to visit this beautiful and hospitable town at least once and experience the beauty of nature and architecture together!

By Manali