Moving to another city is a big decision. Although you will come across many opportunities, there will also be a lot of challenges. And the first challenge is to find the right 1 bhk flat in Ahmedabad for rent. Once you have found and moved into your rented flat, you are not done. There are so many things that are to be done to get settled. In this guide, we have mentioned 7 steps that will help you to quickly settle in the newly rented flat in Ahmedabad. 

  • Check if utilities are working: As soon as you shift in the rented flat, make sure to check all the utilities if they are working. Ask the landlord if there is a continuous supply of electricity and water. Turn the lights on and off, turn on the taps to check the water pressure, and double-check if the stove works properly. Depending on the season, don’t forget to check air conditioning or heat. In case the utilities are set up ahead of time by the landlord, they should be in working condition when you arrive at the property. If there is any problem with the utilities then the same should be communicated to the owner sooner rather than later. 
  • Complete the move-in checklist: After you arrive at the rented flat, make sure to have the move-in checklist from the landlord. This particular checklist will help you document the condition of the property when you shit into it. Note down if there are existing damages in the flat according to the checklist. You should explore the entire flat and look for the working condition of the utilities, scratches on the marble, chips in the paint, water leakage, and other areas listed on the move-in checklist. It is a wise decision to capture all damages and document the same in the checklist so that you are not blamed or charged an additional amount for the existing damages when leaving the property. 
  • Unpack your stuff: Now that you are convinced of the condition of the flat, it’s time to begin unpacking the stuff. In case you are hygiene-freak then you should consider cleaning the flat before you start with unpacking because it will become difficult to clean the entire space after arranging heavy furniture. It takes time to settle into a new home, therefore it is better to start with unpacking sooner rather than later. If you have already labeled the boxes then it will be easier to unpack the belongings. We understand that unpacking each belonging in one go can be overwhelming. So, to reduce your burden you can prioritize unpacking the essential items and take your own time for non-essential ones. 
  • Tell about maintenance problems to the landlord: As you are settling into the newly rented flat in Ahmedabad, you might come across some maintenance issues. For instance, your dishwasher might not be working, or there is a blockage in the pipe. You should keep track of every problem faced by you and inform the landlord about the same. If you are not the reason for any malfunctioning in the house, then it will be the responsibility of your landlord to get them repaired. 
  • Set up internet and cable connection: In case internet and cable connection are not facilitated by the owner of the rented flat, then you will have to do it your own. Contact a professional in Ahmedabad providing services of setting up internet and cable in the premises. If you are not aware of the one, then ask your landlord to provide the contact information of the agency helping in setting up the router and cable box. 
  • Update your renter’s insurance: Living in a rented flat in an unknown city without renters insurance is not a wise decision. It is a must to have renters insurance to protect your belongings from loss caused due to theft, fire, flooding, or any other unfortunate circumstances. In case you already have renters insurance then get it updated with the new address from the particular insurance company. But if you don’t have one, then consider buying it. 
  • Make it your home: Shifting to a new place is a hectic process and at the end of the long day, all you want to feel is comfortable in your new home. Now that you are done with the essential things, you should try to make the rented flat a home and settle into it by decorating and cooking your first meal. Make yourself feel at home and explore the neighborhood to know what facilities are provided nearby. 

Wrapping up it all!

We know that moving is an exhausting and mind-blogging task. Staying organized and following the above-mentioned steps will help you get settled in your 1 bhk flat rent in Ahmedabad much quickly. 

By Manali