The National Football League (NFL) is one of America’s most popular sports, and chances are that you probably have an NFL fan in your life. Followers of the sport tend to be quite passionate and aren’t shy to let the world know which team they support. With that in mind, it’s never a bad idea to start thinking about NFL gift ideas that you could shower that family member or friend with.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, Christmas, or even a retirement present, football fans will always appreciate receiving NFL gifts. Here are eight great ideas to give you some inspiration for your next purchase.

1. Fleece Throw

Who doesn’t love a nice throw? Not only are these blankets an aesthetic piece for your living room, bedroom, or even at the game, but they are also extremely comfortable and warm. Fleece throws are available in all of the NFL teams, and you’ll have no trouble finding the style or size that you want.

This can be a particularly great gift idea for someone that lives in one of the colder NFL cities like Minnesota or Buffalo. You can never have enough comfort when you nestle into your couch on a chilly Sunday morning for a day full of football.

2. Shot Glasses

Shot glasses and the NFL go hand in hand. Why? Because Sundays are usually one giant party and can include anything from tailgating to cookouts to a Sunday-funday brunch. There’s a good chance that the adult beverages could be flowing on any given Sunday, so why not be prepared with some cool shot glasses adorned with your favorite team.

This is a gift that will last forever and can be used in celebrations when your team wins, or as a vessel to help drown your sorrows after a devastating loss.

3. Light-Up Hat

Another great idea for those that live in places that are less than balmy in the winter months, is a light-up hat. Not only will these keep you warm, but they’ll turn heads while they do it.

There is a wide variety of these kinds of hats on the internet and you’re sure to find one to your liking. This is more of a novelty gift that would be great to wear to a night game or to break out at a house party on a cold day.

4. Custom Throwback Jerseys

If there is a true fan in your life, then something that should be at the top of the list in terms of a gift idea is custom throwback jerseys. Everyone loves throwback merchandise, as it reminds them of the great teams of yesteryear and provides a warm sense of nostalgia.

Not just that, but throwback jerseys often look extremely cool, and many prefer the older, simpler designs to a lot of the stuff that is on the market today. Pick up a throwback jersey with one of your loved one’s favorite retired players’ names on the back and watch them wear it with pride.

5. Women’s Leggings

It used to be rather difficult to find decent football gifts for women, but that’s just not the case anymore. The NFL has finally woken up and started producing some really great stuff for female fans.

One of those great pieces of merchandise is women’s leggings. This versatile piece of clothing allows you to show off your support for your team in an extremely comfortable way. Wear them on casual Friday to the office, lazing around the house, and of course, to the game.

6. Men’s Team Socks

If you know men, you know that they are always in need of socks. You just can never have enough if you’re a man. So why not mix it up a little with a logo of your favorite team on a nice warm pair of socks.

This is an affordable gift that would be great for a stocking stuffer or a nice add-on to a birthday present. They can be worn anywhere and offer a subtle sign of support to the owner’s favorite franchise.

7. NFL Coolers

NFL coolers have gotten pretty advanced these days. Tailgating is a way of life for football fans, so why not make sure you’re equipped with some cool gear to get the party started. NFL coolers can come in a wide variety and have features like bottle openers, side pockets to hold wallets or game tickets, and waterproof areas.

You’ll be able to find them in a size of your liking and they usually come with a convenient carrying strap for ultimate portability. A cooler like this is a must-have for any NFL fan that wants to celebrate Sundays in style.

8. Helmet Piggy Bank

NFL helmets not only protect the players’ noggins, but they also look really awesome. And while the average fan might not have use for a real helmet, they can certainly use one to store their change.

An NFL helmet is an awesome decorative piece for a man-cave or game room that also provides some functionality in the way of storage. Collect enough of those quarters and dimes to pay for supplies for your next Super Bowl party.

NFL Gifts for All Walks of Life

As you can see, there is no shortage of NFL gifts available out there. Football is big business, and there’s plenty of cool merchandise to help you demonstrate your loyalty to your team. Whether you choose something from the list above, or find something completely different, there’s no doubt that the person on the receiving end is going to appreciate some of their favorite team’s gear.

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By Manali