Wedding Day

If you are a bride-to-be in the UAE then this article is for you. We have got a checklist ready for you. Brides deserve to be at their most beautiful and it takes a lot of things to consider when it comes to planning a wedding. 

It’s a lot you need to purchase and organize at your wedding. It’s not difficult for you to overlook some of those wedding-related items. It’s the tiny aspects to make your special day special and memorable, so go through the checklist below to ensure you have all the wedding items you require.

Wedding Shoes

Shoes are among the most essential wedding accessories that brides can have.  When you’re choosing your wedding shoes, think about your comfort, venue of your wedding and the design. For instance, if you’ll be in the grass or in the sand for the majority of your wedding the stiletto shoes won’t be appropriate or comfortable. Instead, opt for wedges, sandals or flats. Try a mix of crystals and sequins, and eight-inch heels, these shoes are the perfect stylish and elegant bridal look.

Hair Accessories

There are a variety of choices when it comes to the way you dress your hair–up down, down or somewhere between. You’ll also have to decide what accessories for your hair. Obviously, there’s a traditional veil. From a cathedral-length, super-long veil, to a mid-length fingertip veil, or a shorter feathered veil or blusher there are many choices to pick from.

You can also choose more glamorous hair accessories like hairpins, crystal headbands and clips, tiaras, barrettes, combs, and bun wraps. For a touch of vintage choose the fascinator, or perhaps the hairstyle that has feathers! Whether it’s a european wedding dress or Indian style, hair accessories are the same.

Bridal Jewelry

The most obvious bridal accessory you’ll have during your special day is your engagement wedding ring along with your wedding bands. In terms of other jewelry it’s your choice to choose what will look best in your wedding dress. For instance necklaces look fantastic with a strapless neckline but it may not be a good match with a distinct illusion neckline. The best way to avoid this is to stay clear of overdoing the jewelry. One or two pieces carefully chosen will suffice to shine. These earrings are contemporary and elegant at the same time and without going overboard. They’re gorgeous and versatile that you’ll be capable of wearing them after the big day!

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Jacket or Wrap

There are many reasons to consider including a wrap, shawl wrap, jacket or another type of outerwear in your wedding accessories list. The most obvious reason is when you’re wedding in the colder seasons however, you desire to shoot photos outdoors. Fur stole or wrap could be a great option to give your outfit an old-fashioned look. If you’re seeking a casual style, we’ve seen brides wear all kinds of things from plaid Flannel shirts to denim jackets , to colorful cotton cardigans with their gowns, making for some great photos. This faux fur coat will keep you warm and fashionable while you shoot your outdoor wedding photos.


For a classic, vintage-inspired look some brides prefer to dress in gloves. The bridal gloves come in a wide range of sizes and lengths that range from over-the-elbow length to wrist-length and are made of fabrics like satin, lace and even crochet. Be aware that if you’re wearing gloves during the ceremony, you’ll need to remove them at the time of the wedding ring exchange.For an old-fashioned bridal accessory that is modern the lace-free fingerless gloves are unique and distinctive. Fingerless gloves are a fantastic alternative to wear for the ceremony since they don’t require removal of gloves during the ring exchange.


The final item on our wedding-day accessory list is the purse. You’re probably not going to wish to carry an item in your purse at the wedding because you’ll probably be taking your bridal bouquet throughout the time and could be tempted to lose it. But, if you have certain items you’d like to carry with you at the reception such as makeup to add a little up, mints for your breath, or even tissues, you can definitely put them in a bag or clutch, and ask your bridesmaid or a close person to secure it for you.
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By Manali