According to a recent survey, only about 2% of Americans have started investing in NFTs at this point. It’s clear that investing in NFTs isn’t anywhere near as popular as investing in, say, cryptocurrency among Americans.

But as more and more people find out about NFT investing, it should begin to become increasingly popular over time. Eventually, Americans will start to catch on when it comes to the benefits of NFTs.

Do you want to get out ahead of almost everyone else by investing in NFTs? Here is a guide on how you can do this so that you can put yourself in a position to make money off NFTs.

Begin by Doing a Ton of Research on NFTs

If you’re not all that familiar with them, you shouldn’t start investing in NFTs just yet. Instead, you should take the time to do your homework on NFTs so that you know what they are and how they work.

Google things like “what is an NFT?” and “how do NFTs work?” to get answers to all your pressing NFT-related questions. It should be simple enough to learn the ropes when it comes to NFTs within just a few hours.

To be clear, you’re going to have to continue to learn everything that you can about NFTs as you move forward. But you should be able to lay down a solid foundation for your NFT investing by doing the necessary research.

Figure Out Which NFTs You Would Like to Invest In

Once you have a better understanding of what NFTs are and how they work, you should begin looking around at the different types of NFTs to see which ones you want to invest in. There are new options popping up all the time, so you should devote your fair share of time to figuring out which NFTs appeal to you the most.

You might not be able to afford a Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT at this time. But you should be able to track down at least a few types of NFTs that you like.

Stick to Investing in NFTs With Small Amounts of Money

When investing in NFTs, you will want to be careful about how much money you choose to invest. Shy away from investing any more than a very small percentage of your total net worth.

The NFT market is still a little bit volatile right now, so the last thing you want to do is sink all your money into it and have it come back to bite you later. It’s better to start off small and invest more money into NFTs over time depending on how much success you have doing it.

Look Into Making Your Very First NFT Investment Today

Investing in NFTs is a lot like investing in almost anything else. You’ll need to be diligent about doing your research on the NFT investments you make to increase your chances of making money off of them.

Now that you know more about NFTs, get out there and make your first NFT investment. You might be able to use your initial investment to make a pretty penny before long.

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By Manali