Voice actors are superheroes who breathe life in the scripts written for entertainment, informational, and marketing purposes. There are several perks of being a voice actor. This short guide will help you understand why you should become one and what things to take care of to excel in your career. 


Why become a voice actor?

Before joining a voice acting class or learning specific voice acting techniques, it’s great to understand what benefits you can get as a voice actor. The nine listed benefits of a voice acting career will help you decide if it’s a good career path. 


  1. A creative pursuit

If you want to do a creative job and find regular 9-5 boring, it’s a great option to become a voice actor. Skilled voice actors are always on the go. They have to do things creatively instead of following strict guidelines. 

You’ll have to adapt yourself to new projects to get ahead in your industry and fulfill the expectations of your clients. All of this will help you fuel your creativity. 


  1. Network with amazing people



Networking is the key to help you succeed in a fast-paced job industry. Making connections with authoritative people will allow you to improve your skills and find opportunities in no time. 

Joining the voiceover industry will help you connect with authoritative people. As you jump from project to project, you’ll get the chance to build links that go a long way. These links will help you succeed in your career in the future. 


  1. Find freelance gigs

Source: www.ziprecruiter.com


Freelance jobs have gotten more popular over the years. The COVID-19 pandemic has left a long-lasting impact on the job industry and has made businesses consider why hiring skilled people on a freelance basis is great. 

Becoming a voice actor is a great way to land freelance jobs. You can join any of the leading freelance platforms to find people who need skilled voice actors – allowing you to choose the projects you want to work on. 


  1. Make good money

You need to find a job to help you make good money. Following your passion is one thing, but don’t forget whatever you should enable you to bear your expenses. The voiceover industry is a great industry that can help you generate good revenue if you do it correctly. 

You can start making money as a beginner voice over artist, and as you get famous, you can command higher rates. 


  1. Dynamic career opportunity

You should never join an industry that doesn’t provide you with additional prospects. The voice acting industry is one of the best options you can make to advance in your professional life. 

For example, if you have a transatlantic accent and want to break into the western broadcasting industry, you can do so easily with the skills you acquire as a voice actor. 


  1. You can get popular

Voice actors have always been popular for their amazing skills. There are countless movies and TV series that have gotten closer to the hearts of viewers because of the amazing skills of voice actors. If you work smart and sharpen your voice acting skills, you can also do an unforgettable voice actor role. 

Another great thing about the voice acting industry is that you can receive local or international rewards for your acting skills. 


  1. It’s all about fun

As mentioned above, being a voice actor is all about staying creative and breaking the boundaries. Another thing to add to the “Creativity” part is that voice acting is fun. Most of the voice acting jobs are about fun activities. 

For example, if you want to become a voice actor for anime one day, you can only guess how much fun it will be once you join the industry. 


  1. Chances for scalability

Things will get boring for you if you have to follow the same routine all your life. You have to consider the factor of scalability before you jump on any career path. 

One thing to note about the voice over industry is that skilled voice actors don’t have to work for others all their life. If you develop other skills needed in the voice acting industry and build your professional connections, you can easily start your own voice over agency. 


  1. Travel the globe while you work

Who doesn’t want to travel the globe in this day and age? The ease of traveling and the presence of fun activities you can only find when you travel make traveling the best thing you can do in your life. 

Voice acting is one of the few career paths you can follow to travel around the globe. You can take your voice recording equipment with you as you move from one country to another. 


Build your voice acting career – 4 tips 

There is a ton of information available you can follow to become a good voice actor. The four basic tips mentioned below will give you a proper head start. 


  • Do your research

Gather as much information as you can about the voice acting industry. Start your journey by following authoritative blogs in the voiceover niche to get the viewpoint of professionals on different topics. Join voice acting forums and read books to get trusted information. 


  • Handle it like a business

You don’t have to think of a “jobseeker” when you join the voiceover industry. As a professional voiceover artist, you will be managing things as a business owner. Sharpen your soft skills and learn how to deal with your clients. 


  • Create your home studio

You don’t have to go outside your home to record your voice. Setting up a cozy studio for voice acting at home will make the job easier for you. All you need is high-quality equipment to get started. Remember that this one-time investment in studio gear will go a long way!


  • Focus on personal branding

Branding is the key to helping you land new clients. Build your personal brand and cast your net to attract new clients. As mentioned above, don’t forget about building your professional connections. Scour the web to find attractive jobs you want to work on! 


By Manali