While the average lifespan of an asphalt driveway is long (15 to 25 years), it certainly isn’t forever. You can, however, extend its lifespan with different maintenance techniques. Sealing a driveway via hiring a professional asphalt contractor is one of these. 

However, don’t just choose the first contractor you find. It’s important to spend time looking for the highest quality contractor. A great technique for this is to ask each company different questions about their policies and so on. 

Read on to learn some examples of great questions to ask. 

1. What Products Do You Use for Asphalt Sealing? 

Most contractors have a preferred driveway sealant product they use for driveway sealing. You can call each contractor’s customer service and ask about it. Be sure to get the name of the product and the manufacturing company that makes it. 

Get this information from a few different contractors. Then, research the different products online.

Read reviews for both the sealant product and the manufacturing company. Look at each company’s website and examine their certifications, experience level, and so on. Then you can decide which product you think is the best and consider the contractor that uses it. 

This doesn’t have to be the main deciding factor in choosing an asphalt sealing contractor. However, the best quality ones are more likely to use the better quality. Also, a better quality product will make your asphalt driveway last longer. 

2. Can I Have a Print-Out of the Charges? 

There are many factors that you can check to make sure an asphalt contractor is legitimate. These include their certifications, years of service, and so on. However, asking about the cost of the project is one of the most telling about a contractor’s quality. 

Specifically, you want the contractor that agrees to give you a complete write-up of every service and charge. Illegitimate contractors will not wish to do this. Giving you information such as this can make it easier for you to see any questionable charges. 

A legitimate company will know they are charging you fair prices. Therefore, they won’t have anything to hide. 

3. What Do You Do When Sealing a Driveway?

This is a question you can ask to check the knowledge level of a company. They should be able to explain the entire process of driveway sealing to you. A company that is inexperienced or illegitimate probably won’t be able to explain it as well. 

Don’t worry if you’re not knowledgeable about the process. Try looking up some information about the process before you start. Then listen for similar steps in their explanation. 

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In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be any illegitimate companies. However, you don’t have to fear these as much as you think. If you stay smart and take as much time as you need, you’ll find a contractor that fits. 

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By Manali