With everything accessible on the internet, remote learning has become quite easy and you no more have to struggle to find notes and tutors to come home and teach you for your SAT exam. The world has changed and now students have started studying on their own and teachers have become more of facilitators. Students these days have become quite independent and usually study by the help of online courses. Well, not all courses and websites are authentic enough and while there is plenty of study material on the internet, a lot of it is not useful if you are unable to work with it. The apps mentioned below are super helpful, have authentic study material and are easy to understand.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy app is free to use and download and their partnership with The College Board goes a long way in making sure that students get the best SAT study material. The app is easy to use and accessible to students almost anywhere in the world. All you need to do is find your suitable SAT course and get started. The courses are same on the app and the website, the only difference is that the app is more convenient and easy. The app includes links to online and printable SAT practice tests for almost all subjects and sections, and the course includes videos that are a detailed lecture on basic to harder concepts. Whether you use it as a full time SAT Prep course or for clearing basic concepts, the app is a must have. You can also download the modules and view them offline later, all you need for it is a good internet. For a good internet service we suggest TDS Internet which is a fast, reliable and affordable telecom internet suitable for students on a budget. With TDS internet speed you can easily use your favorite SAT apps and also study offline later.

Study Timer: Test Prep Focus

Magoosh’s Study Timer app helps you take out time and dedicate that time to your SAT preparation. When you open the app it asks you what course you are studying and it prompts you to study in a time limit of under an hour. The app then reminds you to take a break. This way with a time limit you are able to dedicate that time completely to the studying and manage time even in busy schedules. The app also has general study section of 25 minutes. Magoosh’s study timer helps you improve your SAT score and also manage time accordingly, and it also helps you focus during a busy day. The app is best if you are a busy person and work along with studies. Along with your full time SAT preparation you can have this app where you can dedicate half an hour or one hour per day to stay up to date and keep studying towards your goals.

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  • SATFlash

    SATFlash helps you study and prepare for your SATs whenever you have a little free time even if you have a busy schedule. The app has for you lessons, answer explanations, practice questions, flashcards and much more. It also allows you to compare your SAT score with the colleges and universities you want to go to and also suggests you suitable colleges and universities for you according to your test SAT score, goals and preferences. All in all the app lets you increase your SAT score by working on the topics that you are lacking in, and browse for colleges and universities that match your interests. With this app you can track your progress, set your goals, and work on increasing your score.  

    Daily Practice For The New SAT

    Daily Practice For The New SAT is an app that you should have in your phone if you are preparing for your SATs. The app has a question of the day with optional hints and explanations that help you improve your understanding of the test. There are several practice exams that you can take for free on the website and you can also connect to your Khan Academy course for personalized practice. The app Daily Practice for The New SAT makes your SAT prep a part of your daily routine. It makes it easy and convenient to progress in your daily SAT preparation for whatever you are preparing for. It is an accessible app that keeps you up to date.

    The apps that we have discussed above are the best apps to have if you are preparing for your SATs. These apps are easy to access, the study material is understandable, it helps you manage time, attempt practice tests, track your progress, and set goals to be able to increase your score. The apps also help you identify a suitable school or university for you. So, start studying now to increase your SAT score and get into your desired university.

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