Once you start doing work and continue it for 3 hours continuously, you may feel exhausted. So you probably take a mini-break in between work. These breaks are necessary to maintain the energy level and relaxation of the mind. In many cases, people take a break according to their convenience; while others prefer to take a break just after one hour, or extra optimistic people can take a break only when they finish their work. Meanwhile, some students also watch online classes that make learning more comfortable with software like LMS and ERP.

(LMS full form is a learning management system and ERP full form is enterprise resources planning)

 However, when you compare the work done by the person who took a break and the person who is continuously doing work without a break, you can see that the person with a break can do work with full potential. In contrast, a person who didn’t take a break gave an inferior performance, especially for the students. 

Studies without a break can make you feel bored, and you slowly get distracted. So talking about the break, they are of various types, and the students who can make perfect schedules may present good performance.

Know About Different Types of Break

  • Small breaks– They are often taken for 5 to 10 mins to relax the mind. Try to set the alarm for 10 minutes, and you can listen to your favorite song or close your eyes for 10 minutes. It can relax your mind and you will feel relaxed and recover your energy.
  • A long break- if someone studies for a long time, say 3-4 hours. So when the mind becomes miserable and eyes start paining. These breaks are often taken for long periods, say for one hour. Try to keep away from the phone and take a small meal, drink lots of water, make an alarm, sleep, or close your eyes and revise everything you have studied. It will clear all the concepts, and you can easily visualize things in your mind.

So, we have talked about breaks; now, the question is how we can continue our studies without breaking the rhythm So here we are mentioning a few tips

  • Time your long break – how do you take a break? How much time do you take with them? Just try to plan and figure out and make a schedule daily as every day is new, so sometimes it’s difficult to hold on to a single timetable, and it’s boring.
  • Multiple breaks are essential – while studying for, say, 7 hours, try to take at least 2 long breaks and 4-5 small breaks; this will give brilliant feedback, and you will be amazed as you remain energetic at the end of the day.
  • Don’t use social media – these are the biggest distractions. Watching reel or reading on the phone can prolong your break. And you stuck to the phone for a long time. And later on, you will regret it.
  • Take a walk – try to walk in the morning or evening for 10-15 mins. It can make your mind fresh, and you will feel energetic. Once you walk alone, you can talk to yourself, which makes your decision clear, and you can understand what you want.
  • Plan your break – We all have hobbies, some love to sing songs while others love talking to someone or cooking. So in long breaks do things which make you happy. It will make your mind stressed free, and you can enjoy it and keep your mind fresh. Breaks between studies are essential to make the best of your efficiency.

By Manali