Technological advancement has led to the creation of innovative devices, software, platforms, and particularly gadgets that everyone relies on to simplify their lives! And these small innovations make all the difference in the world, including organizations and companies. Almost every company, big or small, relies on tech tools and gadgets to save time, money, and resources.

If you’re running a startup, get your hands on these business gadgets to save precious time and money! Check them out below:

  • Brinno TimeLapse Jobsite Camera

Construction companies always focus on employing the perfect and precise solutions to make construction operations easier for them. Dealing with construction equipment in different weather conditions is not easy at all. This is why a perfectly good Jobsite camera is important for overseeing and observing operations.

The Brinno TimeLapse Jobsite Camera is designed to observe long-term construction projects and squeeze the entire footage into 2 minutes, making it the perfect pick to showcase your projects to potential clients and keep track of your progress.

  • Thinkware Dash Cam F750

Many people, particularly vehicle owners in Asia and Europe, who spend a lot of time on the road for business purposes, invest in dashboard cameras for safety purposes. The best investment for vehicle drivers to consider can also be the Thinkware Dash Cam F750. It’s a dashboard camera that comes with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, GPS tracking system, and road-safety warning systems to make sure the driver and vehicles are on track safely.

Plus the rear-facing and front-facing ability of the camera records your drives from 2 different angles in 1080p high definition and you can also transfer the videos to your phone instantly with its built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Vysk QS1

Your smartphone is an essential part of your business. You’re probably running your business from your smartphone. Risking texts, documents, images, videos, and calls is a major no-show when you’re running a startup. Investing in smartphone gadgets that protect confidential information and data is the first step to maintaining privacy.

To avoid corporate espionage, invest in a smartphone case that encrypts your data and information from prying eyes. It also prevents malicious attackers from hacking your phone’s camera to spy.

  • Ring Video Doorbell

It’s not uncommon for employees to be alone at work in small offices due to longer working hours, which poses a potential security hazard for anyone walking in from outside. This is where an extra step for extra safety and security should be taken. The Ring Video Doorbell offers night vision and a wide-angle HD footage system that records and stores images of anyone who’s at the door in a cloud server. The bell also comes with a motion detection feature for visitors who prefer knocking instead of ringing the bell.

To Wrap It Up

Businesses in today’s time are looking forward to embracing technological innovations to grow and thrive in the modern world. Without the right tools, solutions, and gadgets, forward-thinkers cannot grow and scale businesses however they like. If you’re running a startup and need the right gadgets to improve operations and provide backup, pick your favorites from the list above! Make sure you have a stable internet connection like Rise Broadband in place, so you always stay connected to your gadgets for smooth business operations!

By Manali

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