Wix is most likely the most affordable web-based builder and CMS. Beginning at just PS6.00 per month It’s a solid competitor to other popular platforms, like WordPress.

But the endless complaints of customers about the performance of their websites have resulted in many questioning Wix’s capabilities as a platform for managing content.

So, does Wix SEO work?

The quick response is yes. Wix SEO can help your website rank well and help you be competitive with other businesses online hosted on various platforms.

If this has peaked your interest, here’s all you should know about Wix SEO to position your company in the results of a search.

Wix SEO vs WordPress SEO

WordPress is the main reason for 35% of websites that are accessible on the internet, whereas Wix houses 22 million sites. If you’re contemplating the reason WordPress is so dominant in market share, it’s because it has been positioned as the most adaptable of both CMS systems.

With more SEO options, and a broader catalogue of goods, WordPress appears to be the top choice. But is it really the case?

Google’s senior webmaster, as well as trend analyst John Mueller weighed in on the ongoing fight with Wix as well as WordPress. “The more small business sites I see, the fewer I see with technical SEO issues, and the more the issues lie with the content,” Mueller stated.

That’s the issue. There is no need to host your site with a specific CMS to be more prominent or compete with big names in your industry.

The majority of businesses don’t have to adhere to the most advanced SEO techniques. All they require is great content and a good SEO strategy to be found by the search engines.

Important things to keep in mind when the use of Wix SEO Wiz

While WordPress is more adaptable, Wix offers much more accessibility for novices. If you’re considering using Wix as your Wix website for SEO purposes There are three points you should be aware of.

You should be able to have the basics of SEO

Wix SEO Wiz is, in my opinion, the easiest to use SEO tool. It is a breeze to get you from A to Z, and its step-by step guide is ideal for those who’ve never utilized SEO tools prior to now. However, you must be aware of the basics of search engine optimization like search engine research and meta tag optimization.

Sometimes, you might not have a plugin that is effective.

Wix is an open-source CMS in contrast to WordPress which has an open-source CMS and hosts nearly 60,000 plugins. It also supports nearly 9000 themes built into the platform.

On the other the other hand, Wix App Market has more than 250 plugins, however they integrate well when integrated with their sites. Consider them like iOS as well as Android. While Android offers a wide range of choices, you can are always able to find quality apps in the App Store. Therefore, you’re not really being left out of everything.

In addition, Wix has some great third-party SEO tools and they have always delivered.

You can engage an Wix SEO expert at any time

If you are unable to find out how to use Wix SEO If you’re not able to figure it out, the CMS lets you hire an SEO professional through the platform within the platform. It requests specifics about your requirements and then connects you to the most appropriate service within hours. It is time-saving and you can be confident that you’re getting the best assistance for your website.

What’s going wrong what’s wrong with Wix SEO? Should you be worried?

Wix has done many hours of effort to enhance its SEO Wiz. However, here are the most frequent complaints Wix users experience.

Poor site ranking

Many users of Wix complain that they don’t get enough exposure in search engines. However, in 2016 Wix corrected their poor URL structure, cutting out the ‘#” that was a part of each URL. Since the time, thousands of websites have seen a shift.

According to Wix’s research the report shows that 82% of websites have higher rankings using Wix SEO Wiz and 67% of sites show up at the top of Google.

Verdict: Do not be concerned about not ranking well on Wix.

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