Ancient people recorded the earliest type of dancing on cave walls in 8,000 BCE, and people have been dancing ever since. Today, many people dance as part of an organized sport. They have practices, a team name, and wear a uniform.

Uniform design is an integral part of dance, as it impacts the performance’s look, feel, and aesthetics. There are various factors that your team needs to decide on when choosing your dance uniform. The choreography, types of dance, and music all play a part in the overall costume design.

Like all clothing, dance uniforms follow different trends. We look at what goes into dance team uniforms and which new trends to look for in 2022.

Dance Fashion

Dance uniforms are an essential element in many dance styles and are more than just a pretty costume. Dance costumes are beneficial to the dancers that wear them in many different ways.

Helps Dancers Move

Most studios have standards to ensure that dancers have the right dress for their dance style. For example, dancers in a hip-hop class may need loose-fitting clothing. Dancers in a ballet studio may need to wear a specific color of leotard and tights.

Dance instructors established dance dress codes for a specific reason. They allow a dancer to concentrate on their steps rather than their attire.

If a dancer got to choose their outfit, they might not dress the right way for their dance style.

Creates Team Cohesion

A dance studio dress code unifies the dancers’ appearance and promotes group bonding. When everyone wears the same style, it’s easier to see the group as one unit.

This sense of unity can help a dancer picture the dance more clearly. It also strengthens the ties between dancers as it shows they are all working toward the same goals.

Boosts Confidence

Putting on a dance outfit can be a huge confidence boost for a dancer. When a dancer wears their dance costume, they are ready for a performance. You’ll feel like a natural dancer the second you put on your dance outfit.

Stops Distractions

Dancers of every ability need to focus on the moves when learning a new dance routine. Wearing clothing that goes against what the team wears can distract others from learning the steps.

Dance Team Uniform Materials

You’ll only find dance uniforms made from fabrics that are light, easy to move in, and breathable. Here is a breakdown of the most common types of dance costume material.


A popular fabric for a dance uniform is this stretchy material. Tricot comes in a wide array of colors, perfect for getting any look you are going for. You can find this material in both shiny and matte types.


If you want to add some pizzazz to a dance skirt or top, mesh is a perfect choice. This sheer fabric is lightweight and versatile. For an edgy feel, choose a costume that features mesh panels.

There are several types of mesh you can choose from when picking your dance costume design.

  • Micromesh has very tiny mesh holes and is a lightweight option.
  • Fog mesh is iridescent with minimal stretch.
  • Tula mesh has a sequined finish.
  • Pop mesh has larger holes and looks more like fish scales.
  • Big hole mesh has the biggest holes at half an inch wide.

Hologram Fabric

Stand out on the stage with a shimmering fabric! Holographic fabric is best when used to accentuate a dance costume. Add these shiny touches to your outfit’s waist, collar, or hem.

There are several types of holographic materials that you can choose from.

  • Activator fabric has tiny microdots of shimmer.
  • Sparkle fabric looks glittery close-up but wet far away.
  • Shattered glass fabric has the holograms spread out to look like a pane of broken glass.
  • Myst fabric looks like faux leather.


For a luxurious look, make your dance costumes out of fabric. Velvet is the best at showing off rich colors. The sheen of the material is slimming and gives your costume dimension.

It’s not unusual to see color guard uniforms made out of velvet. Some of these uniforms even have matching skirts to elevate the overall look.

Dance Team Trends

Every year that a dance team performs, they will choose an outfit to complement the look they are going for. Here are some of the team uniform designs that are popular this year.


Sequins and glitter will never go out of style with dance team uniforms. You can make uniforms made from this fabric look sporty or glamorous.

For a customized look, have your team name written in sequins on the front of your uniforms. You won’t fade away when you choose this uniform trend.

Interesting Backs

Your audience will see your back when you dance, so why not accentuate it! Choose a uniform with a strappy back for an unexpected design element.

This type of uniform is perfect for several styles of dance. Traditional dance teams have used this trend in the past. Don’t shy away from a strappy or open back if you are on a cheer team, as it will look great for your group too!

Try a Mesh

For a sporty look, give a mesh uniform a try. Although it sounds revealing, the mesh used in dance uniforms offers good coverage. You can also print your team name on this material, which will help you stand out in a competition crowd.

Stay On Top of the Design of Your Dance Team Uniforms

Dancing is an important way for people of all ages to express themselves. When you join a dance team, you’ll all work toward a common goal. Finding the proper dance team uniforms is crucial to feeling united as a team.

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By Manali