Harold and Kumar may have preferred to rip a bong, but there are many ways you can safely consume or smoke marijuana. Among teenagers and younger users, vaping and edibles continue to be a growing and popular means of consuming cannabinoids.

Cookies, gummies, and other forms of edibles offer a cleaner and less attention-grabbing means of enjoying a mild high. Read on to learn what other ways you can consume edible weed.


One of the most versatile ways that you can consume cannabis is through butter. Known as cannabutter, the spreadable topping can then be used on baked goods or savory dishes. You’ll need three ingredients: cannabis flower, butter, and water.

You’ll need to finely grind the flower and let it simmer over low heat for an extended period of time. Then cool and store until needed.


Honey offers a great way to perfectly conceal the taste and smell of marijuana. It takes some time to prepare and make honey, but it’s a straightforward process.

First, you’ll need to “decarb” the marijuana flowers to convert the cannabinoids into TCH. This can be done by baking the plant. Then, combine the honey and marijuana, boil, and simmer.

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Juice It

If you have access to fresh marijuana flowers, you can enjoy the health benefits of consuming them via a juicer. Simply make your favorite smoothie or juiced drink the way you normally would.

Throw in some bud to the recipe, blend, and enjoy. This method works best when you have access to very fresh marijuana. If you do not prebake the marijuana, you will gain the nutritional value of the plant but lose the psychoactive properties you desire.

Pizza Crust

Here’s where that THC-infused butter comes in. You can coat your baked pizza crust with cannabutter. Or you can make THC-infused olive oil.

Take one cup of olive oil. Pour into a saucepan and add decarboxylated cannabis. Cook over very low heat for about three hours.

Once the oil is ready, simply use it as you normally wood to make pizza crust.


Marijuana cookies are a classic. You can use cannabutter along with traditional cookie recipes. Additional tips include considering the THC string you want to use.

Are you wanting a cookie to consumer mid-day or at night? Different THC strains will affect your body in different ways. If you decide to add marijuana to the cookies, be sure to bake them first to release the desirable THC chemicals.

Learn More Fun Edible Weed Ideas

The options for fun edible weed options seem limitless. Try these ideas or develop your own. Make sure to measure the potency of your dishes so you know how many milligrams of THC you are consuming.

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By Manali