In the United States, it’s common for carbs to comprise over 50% of someone’s diet. On the keto diet, however, carbs have to be limited to 50 grams per day.

If you’re new to the keto diet, you’ve likely noticed that you don’t see a lot of keto-friendly snacks in stores. Most common snack foods, like potato chips, peanuts, and crackers, are high in carbs.

Looking for keto snack ideas to curb your appetite between meals? Read on to learn about four of the best keto-friendly snacks!

Keto-Friendly Snacks

In case you’re not familiar with the ketogenic diet, we’ve included a brief explanation that will help you understand.

The main principle of the keto diet is simple: restrict carbs, eat mostly fats, and eat a moderate amount of proteins. The goal of eating keto is to get your body into a state of ketosis.

Ketosis is the result of eating fewer carbs than your body needs for energy. Eat this way long enough, and your body turns to your reserve of fat for fuel instead of the carbs.

We’ve put together a list of four guilt-free snacks for the keto diet!

1. Boiled Eggs

Eggs are an excellent multi-purpose food for the keto diet. They make a great low-carb breakfast food, but there are also ways to use eggs for keto snacks.

One large boiled egg has six grams of protein and only one gram each of sugar and carbohydrates. This makes boiled eggs a satisfying snack that will keep you feeling full between meals.

You can also use whole egg mayonnaise and spices to make deviled eggs if you want to play around with the recipe.

2. Keto Chips

“Wait, I thought chips are high in carbs!” We know, and usually, that’s true.

However, some companies have created low-carb versions of snacks that aren’t typically keto-friendly. Keto chips contain as little as two grams of net carbs and no sugar.

If you’re interested in learning more about these guilt-free munchies, click for keto chips.

3. Jerky

Jerky is a good way to get an extra protein kick between meals without having to make the snack yourself. Look carefully at the nutrition info to make sure the jerky isn’t high in added sugars.

Jerky is also relatively low in fat, so to make the snack more filling, you might pair it with cheese or nuts.

4. Avocados

No keto guide is complete without mentioning the avocado. High in fat and low in carbs, avocado is a versatile addition to any keto snack.

There are so many ways to use avocados for keto snacks. You can cut them in half and stuff them with keto ingredients or make them into chips.

You can also simply cut the avocado into wedges and eat the fruit by itself as a keto-friendly snack.

Stay Full Between Meals

We hope we’ve given you some good ideas for keto-friendly snacks with this article. Keeping your appetite at bay throughout the day can be easy if you have the right snacks for your diet plan.

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By Manali